Monday, April 25, 2016

Top Cuban Prospect Ruben Paz Leaves Cuba for MLB

The flow of Cuban talent from their native island country to the United States has not slowed down since President Obama and the Castro regime have opened up negotiations and talk between the two countries. If anything the flow of Cuban prospects and players leaving the dictatorship country is increasing and Cuba lost another this week in Ruben Paz. Paz was widely considered to be Cuba's top prospect and one of their top players still left in the country and now he is presumably on his way to the Major Leagues.

Paz would have likely been the Serie Nacional Rookie of the Year for this season had he not left at age 21 with his talent and speed on the base paths. In the Serie Nacional 2015-2016 season that just ended Paz hit an impressive .361/.411/.476 in 76 games for Las Tunas. Paz is a right-handed batter with a simple swing that produces hits to all fields although the power has not come along yet for the 21-year old.

Paz is not a finished product nor is he a sure fire thing, especially after the outfielder hit three home runs and stole only three bases in 10 attempts last season while striking out 38 times with just 17 walks. Paz is a prospect and should be treated as so. He will be treated as so as far as paying him since he has less than five years in the Serie Nacional. Paz will be subject to international bonus pool spending limitations if and when he reaches the states.

Why should this post be showing up on a Yankees blog? Because we all know it usually takes a year or two for this whole process to get sorted out. First Paz has to establish residency in another country before being cleared as a free agent by Major League Baseball. Then you have the private workouts and all the hoopla around the outfielder before he finally signs and only signs to start out in the minor leagues. By the time he gets all that done and behind him the Yankees restrictions in the international market may be over.

As of right now the Yankees cannot spend more than $300K on a single prospect on the international market but in two signing periods, one which ends this July, the Yankees can offer a then 23-year old rookie with a ton of promise whatever amount of money they want. Just how they like it.


  1. That's all fine and dandy what you wrote, however you left out the biggest obstacle which is the Coupon Clipper's unwillingness to spend money so you might as well scratch his name off the list

    1. We are only under those restrictions because he spent $30 million plus on the international market.....

    2. I'm talking in general. He's had the opportunity to sign numerous Cuban players and has chosen not to. This guy will not spend money


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