Wednesday, May 11, 2016

If Starlin Castro’s Oblique Goes From “No Big Deal” to a “Big Deal”

Starlin Castro had Yankees fans around the world holding their collective breath as he exited Sunday night’s game against the Boston Red Sox in the Bronx. As the injury bug continues to pile up for the Yankees the team can ill afford to lose another player period, let alone one of their best hitters in Castro. The Yankees downplayed the injury like they always do after taking Castro out citing that there wasn’t a need in worsening the injury while the team was down by four runs but what if the injury is serious? Oblique injuries can be nagging injuries and some of them have some staying power, what if Castro’s oblique goes from “not a big deal” and “we’re just going to give him a day” to “the New York Yankees have added Starlin Castro to the 15-day DL?”

Could the Yankees survive? Well yeah, I guess that they could but the offense is already stagnant as it is and Castro is one of the few bright spots in the order. New York would presumably call up Robert Refsnyder to fill in Castro’s shoes at second base and in the order but who would it surprise to see someone like Pete Kozma called up instead because he’s a veteran? Certainly wouldn‘t surprise me. This is one of the few bats the Yankees can ill afford to lose though no matter who they are replacing Castro with internally.

One man does not make or break an offense. Just like Castro’s hot hitting did little to affect the Yankees in the grand scheme of things early on this season the absence of Castro would have a similar effect in my opinion. The Yankees are struggling to score consistently with Castro and I’d venture to guess that the team would struggle to score consistently without him as well.

So if Castro’s oblique injury goes from no big deal to a big deal frankly I’m not sure if the Yankees would notice. I know you were expecting a doom and gloom type post but frankly this season has been nothing but doom and gloom thus far. The team is already close to fielding a payroll as high as the Atlanta Braves on the disabled list, what’s a little more.

I’m trying hard to stay into this and stay positive this season but when everything is working against you it’s hard to. You know?


  1. Haha hands down, after reading title, I thought Kozma and his 0.137 batting average gets the call up.

    1. Great minds think alike. I missed 99% of yesterday's game but I did see Castro in there and I saw him rope a single so maybe he's okay.

      Fingers crossed.


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