Monday, May 2, 2016

Prospects Weekly Check In: James Kaprielian

The New York Yankees organization has been excited about seeing James Kaprielian get on the mound in the Bronx since drafting him out of UCLA. Kaprielian has added velocity and has added a demeanor on the mound that cannot simply be taught. Unfortunately when a pitcher goes from throwing around 92 MPH to closer to 95 MPH and as high as 99 MPH you can get some elbow problems as the joint and ligaments get used to the spike in velocity.

While I'm not personally worried about a little bout of elbow inflammation, Nathan Eovaldi had some last season as well and has shown no ill effects from it, you still hold your breathe a little when a top guy like Kaprielian gets added to the DL. This will be the final check in with Kaprielian until he returns from the DL, just as an FYI, so enjoy.


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