Monday, June 6, 2016

Most Popular Article of the Week: The Case For and Against Trading Carlos Beltran

To date the New York Yankees 2016 season has been one step forward and two steps back. Every time the team gets on a roll against a string of good teams they seemingly lay down against the teams they should beat on paper and now find themselves in a hole that may be too insurmountable to climb out of. The hard decisions will need to be made soon as the August 1st trade deadline approaches and many executives in the Yankees front office need to start deciding on who should stay and who should go. One of those members of the team that the organization will have to make a decision on is Carlos Beltran so let’s look at the pros and cons of trading the veteran right fielder and future Hall of Fame player.

The case for a trade:
The Yankees aren’t going anywhere in 2016 and this adds prospects and/or Major League ready talent to the organization while paving the way for more playing time for Aaron Hicks and the eventual call up of Aaron Judge. 

The Yankees team gets younger, more versatile and cheaper with any deal. Even if the Yankees end up eating salary. 

Beltran has still shown an ability to be productive meaning the Yankees could get something meaningful back in return for the rental. 

I know I said it once but Aaron Judge. Aaron Judge. 

The case against a trade:
Beltran reportedly always wanted to be a Yankee which may tarnish the reputation of the club that trades him in some circles. Not all, but some. 

The team is still in contention for a second Wild Card spot and trading away one of their most consistent hitters does not help that cause and may look foolish if the team goes on a second half run like they have been known to do in years past. 

Trading Beltran throws the “World Series contending team” mantra out the window and finally confirms what we already knew, the Yankees are rebuilding. 

Beltran is willing to talk waiving his no-trade clause if approached and can only block a trade to 15 teams anyway so it seems like all the planets are aligning for a trade of Beltran this summer. Will the Yankees be able to pull the trigger though and what would they get in return? That’s anyone’s guess at this point. Stay tuned.

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