Thursday, July 14, 2016

Boycott the Yankees – The Movement Has Started

In case you missed it here is a quick recap of what I mean by “Boycott the Yankees” and that the movement has started. In my book review of Mike DeLucia’s book “Boycott the Yankees” I kind of hit the high points of what the book was about and suggested you pick up a copy for your own browsing. Today I want to get a little more in depth with this and I want to start the movement, or better yet continue the movement that Mr. DeLucia has started with this book. We need to boycott the Yankees and take OUR team and OUR stadium back.

This is a movement that I am 100% behind. Why? Because it makes too much sense not to. No longer are the fans dictating where the dollars are spent, when the dollars are spent and how the dollars are spent. They are OUR dollars going into the team, the Steinbrenner family’s contribution is ZERO to the payroll and to the new stadium that we continue to pay for, and we should at least have something to say about it, right? Instead of the team sitting on their hands while watching the best free agent class of the last 10-years or so to pass us while not signing anyone we want the Yankees to do right by us, not do just enough to get the books into the green and preach “World Series or bust” and “World Series caliber team” while counting your money in your back room.

I’m angry with this team and this organization. I touched on it a bit in my previous post, the contract and the money are dictating things here and not what should be dictating things. On the field performance. Character. Versatility. WINNING. I could spend hours ranting and raving on the topic but I don’t think I could say it any better than Mr. DeLucia did. He really lit a flame in me, a flame that has always been there but lacked the organization to really do something about it, and I think it would have the same effect on you if you read it.

Check out his website where you can sign his petition to take the stadium and the team back as well as purchase a copy of the book and other pretty cool items. Again I want to reiterate that this is not some sort of paid promotion. I get nothing for promoting the site or the book and I get nothing if you buy the book. I am promoting it because I believe in what the book says and the message it brings and I know you will too. We interact all day, every day on twitter and I know you’re just as frustrated as myself and Mr. DeLucia as well. Check out the book, sign the petition and join the movement to take our team and our stadium back because it’s not only the right thing to do it’s the only option we have left before falling into eternal mediocrity on the field. 

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