Saturday, July 30, 2016

McCann on the Move?

Yankees starting catcher Brian McCann has been the main focus around trade rumors involving the Yankees early on in the day today. Since starting pitcher Ivan Nova has been drawing little to no interest and the Yankees do not seem to part with Miller, McCann has found his way in being involved in all of the trade talks today.

McCann is average an average year for the Yankees compared to his first 2 years with the club 2016 hasn't been much different. He is currently batting .235 with 15 HR and 41 RBI. His defensive stats have gone down drastically though. In 2015 McCann threw out 36% of runners who attempted to steal on him. Meanwhile in 2016 the amount of runners he has thrown out is at a much lower 23%.

McCann is currently making a guaranteed $17 million each year for the next 3 seasons until the end of the 2018 season. He has a club option for 2019 worth $15 million but wherever he is the team will most likely not pick it up. This heavy contract shows how if the Yankees did perhaps to find a suitor for McCann they would have to eat a substantial amount of his remaining contract.

As per Jon Heyman, The Yankees currently have McCann out on the market and one team that has drawn interest in him is his former team the Atlanta Braves. He currently still lives in Atlanta during the offseason so it would not be unlikely for him to waive his no trade clause if the Yankees and Braves were able to agree upon a deal.

Now here comes the question, let's say the Yankees do find a way to dump McCann.... Who would take over at catcher? There are two options at the moment, current backup catcher Austin Romine and the Yankees starting catcher in AAA Gary Sanchez whom most believe is more then ready to take over in the big leagues.

As backup catcher for the Yankees this season Austin Romine is looking like a very solid player. In 39 games in 2016 he is batting .265 with a .434 slugging pct. The stats do not really pop out to you but if given more playing time Romine has a lot of potential to be a good every day catcher.

Now we move on to Sanchez, he is currently ranked as one the Yankees #4 prospect according to as well as being ranked as the #2 catching propsect in the MLB. He is a very young impressive talent if you ask any of the managers and coaches who have been around him. He is having an amazing year with the Yankees AAA affiliate the Railriders. He is batting .286/.333/.478 and has a lot of potential to do big things in the MLB.

A trade is not looking very likely but it is definitley something Yankee fans should want to see and it is something that could progress within the next few days.

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