Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Yankees Trade Partners: Kansas City Royals

The New York Yankees are going to be sellers before this season’s August 1st trading deadline. They may not know it yet or not, or maybe they just aren’t saying it out loud yet to milk every last ticket sale they can before a fire sale, but it’s going to happen. We all know it’s going to happen, better yet we all know that it should happen anyway, and one name is being thrown out there more so than others. This name represented the New York Yankees at the 2016 All Star Game as the only positional player to don the Yankees pinstripes in the game. His name is Carlos Beltran and he is drawing a whole lot of interest from a whole lot of teams including one of his former teams, the Kansas City Royals.

Many teams have scouted Beltran and even more teams could use the veteran right fielder’s services but possibly no team needs or wants Carlos more than the Kansas City Royals. It was the Royals who offered Beltran a free agent contract after his last contract ended pushing the Yankees to guarantee Carlos a third year to get him to sign and Carlos, especially this season, has done nothing to make the Yankees look foolish for that decision.

At some point this season the Royals and Yankees talked about a trade involving Beltran, we learned this just this week, and right-hander Luke Hochevar came up in the discussion as a possible center piece for Kansas City in the deal. Where would Kansas City play Beltran? Would he be an outfielder for them? A defensive replacement? A platoon bat at DH with the revitalized Kendrys Morales? That I do not know unfortunately. 

Hochevar is a former number one pick who “failed” as a starter and was converted into a reliever. Hochevar is 33-years old and comes with a $7 million mutual option for the 2017 season. He doesn’t exactly fit into the future plans and he doesn’t fit into the whole getting younger and more flexible mode either so I’m a bit perplexed to hear this rumor if it’s true.

Kansas City needs to bring me more if I was the GM in New York but as you all know and rage about quite often that is not the case. Stay tuned, we may have a developing story here Yankees fans. 

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