Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Expect Another Quiet Offseason for New York

Last offseason the New York Yankees did the least New York Yankees thing they could have done, they signed the same amount of Major League free agents as I’ve gotten hits in Major League Baseball. Zero. The Yankees were quiet although they did make trades for Aroldis Chapman and Starlin Castro and you know what? We, as fans, could be in for an equally as long and quiet offseason this winter as well.

The New York Yankees have plans of getting under the luxury tax threshold, and FYI it is expected to go up around or above $200 million when the new collective bargaining agreement is all said and done this winter, either this season or next leaving the possibility of signing many free agents unlikely. This is especially true when you consider that Ivan Nova, yes that Ivan Nova, may be the best starting pitcher available and is already asking for $70 million across a five-year deal.

Remember the 2013 Yankees that let like 672 home runs, exaggeration but only a slight one, go in the offseason only to replace them with Chris Stewart and Kevin Youkilis? Well we may be heading towards that route again except this time the Yankees youth will take center stage. With Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia and Alex Rodriguez finally coming off the books this may be the Yankees final chance to strike and get under the cap before super free agents like Manny Machado and Bryce Harper hit the open market, presumably.

As it stands right now the Yankees only have $95 million committed to players for the 2018 season and $57 million for the 2019 season not counting arbitration eligible players so this time around the possibility of getting under the cap is a real one. It’s only a real one though if the team stays off the free agent board, and I think that they will. Unfortunately. 


  1. Manny Machado, Bryce Harper are the guys we have room for and could really use! Not only use, but NEED...as I said a few months ago but that's me, not Hal!

    1. Could you imagine the backlash if the Yankees stayed down for a season or two only to sign both and blow the payroll right back up? I doubt it would happen. But could you imagine?

    2. Guy's Guy's Guy's You are living in another universe if you think the coupon clipper will spend any money let alone that kind of money to secure those players. The happy meal spending will continue and the days of domination in the FA market are long gone until we see the coupon clipper finally sell this team.

    3. Maybe but I am in offseason mode. Offseason is the time to dream :)


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