Friday, October 21, 2016

Arizona Fall League Weekly Check In: Dillon Tate

The Curious Case of Dillon Tate. Before long there is going to be a movie made with that exact title. The Texas Rangers took Dillon Tate in the first round of the MLB First Year Players Draft and he has been a curious case ever since. From his diminished velocity to the questions surrounding his workout routine and work ethic you just don’t know what Dillon Tate is going to come to the ballpark each and every day. The encouraging news is that he looked much better for the Yankees than he did as a Rangers player and some of his velocity returned because of it. Was he burned out? Unhappy? Who knows?

The Yankees wanted to see more ultimately so they send Tate down to the Arizona Fall League with the Scottsdale Scorpions and this is what he has given the club thus far. Sample size is small, keep that in mind, but with the advanced talent down in the AFL I don’t see these stats as all that bad personally. 

Three games and four innings pitched of relief. Tate owns a 9.00 ERA with two home runs allowed. 

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