Friday, October 21, 2016

Yankees Rank Three in Baseball America’s Top 20 Double-A Prospects

Having prospects ready to make an impact in Triple-A is huge in the grand scheme of things for a competing team. Injuries happen, postponed games happen and every once in a while a veteran struggles and fails to live up to expectations leaving a gaping hole in the lineup or pitching staff for a team. In that case you make a call down to your Triple-A affiliate and in the Yankees case this prospect rides the Scranton Shuttle all the way to the Bronx. For some that’s the end of the line of thinking for them but down in the Majors the Triple-A team now has that major hole in their team and they now need to fill the gaping hole. That happens from their Double-A team so thankfully for the Yankees they ranked three players in Baseball America’s Top 20 prospects list for the Eastern League in 2016.

Clint Frazier is the 8th best prospect in the Eastern League and the Yankees top prospect overall which goes to show you the amount of talent and depth that is on the way to the Major Leagues very soon. Frazier was once the fifth overall pick of the Cleveland Indians due in large to his bat speed, power potential and defensive prowess in the outfield.

Chance Adams is a name I’ve been following since he was drafted a couple years ago by the Yankees. Adams was a reliever then and I picked him as the first draftee to reach the Major Leagues from his class but a switch to starting pitcher has slowed his progression towards the majors a bit. It was a great decision though for Adams and the Yankees and that can be seen as he stands as the 18th best prospect in a loaded Eastern League.

The third and final prospect to make the list for New York is Dustin Fowler who broke out in a big way during the 2015 Arizona Fall League. Originally Fowler was picked as a player that would play once or twice a week for the Surprise Saguaros but Fowler’s on-the-field work was just too good to keep on the bench which translated and carried over to the Trenton Thunder in 2016. Fowler was ranked 20th overall and is now known as a “slam dunk center fielder” for the Yankees future.

Jacoby Ellsbury just got put on notice. 

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