Friday, October 21, 2016

Recapping Yankees Postseason History: 2000

Continuing with our look at some of the major pieces of the Yankees postseason history we skip ahead a year to the year 2000 where New York took center stage. The New York Yankees ran through the American League playoffs that season while the New York Mets took down a set of tough teams including the Atlanta Braves on the way to the World Series as well. The Subway Series, set the stage.

What a series this was. You had Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza almost throw down. You had Piazza also almost take Mariano Rivera yard to force a Game Six. This series had it all. Clutch hitting, great pitching and everything in between. Oh, and another Yankees victory.

Have a good evening everyone and watch that clinching victory right here on the blog since no other baseball is on tonight. Enjoy. 

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