Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ARod, Yankees Reunion in 2017?

Did Alex Rodriguez drop a bombshell over the weekend while working as an analyst for Fox Sports? Maybe so and it may have included Alex’s future plans for the 2017 season. Do the Yankees know? Was he just doing it for television? Is the Centaur coming back and will it be in the Bronx? So many question, so few answers unfortunately and I think that was part of Alex’s plans all along. You know, because he’s Alex Rodriguez after all.

So where did all this come from? Well on Saturday during the Nationals and Dodgers game Pete Rose asked Alex on air about what he thought about David Ortiz lacing up his cleats for his final games of his career since Alex had just gone through the same thing, so we thought anyway, and Alex responded with a very vague “stay tuned.” What else could “stay tuned” mean if Alex did not have plans to return to Major League Baseball in 2017?

Alex is well within his rights to come back to MLB in 2017 and on the Yankees dime as well at the tune of $21 million so would the former Yankees slugger be willing to return to New York? Would he prefer to stay closer to his hometown and his children while playing in Miami with the Miami Marlins as their first baseman or bench piece? I can tell you this I can’t see the Yankees taking him back after finally committing to a youth movement so it may be Miami or bust… and I’m leaning towards bust.

And really, so what if it is bust? What does Alex have to lose? If a team invites him to spring training and he doesn’t make the team he would presumably still have a job with the Yankees as a special advisor. If not he’ll have plenty of time on his hands to count his $21 million in the bank for 2017. Here’s an idea though, what about if he returns to baseball and to Miami but not as a player but as the team’s hitting coach? Barry Bonds didn’t work out, could Alex be next? Honestly, I think so. Stay tuned because somehow, even in retirement, Alex has made himself front page news again like he always does, he is Alex Rodriguez after all you know. 

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