Saturday, October 15, 2016

The NLCS Pitching vs. Offense Breakdown

You know what they say about the playoffs, pitching and defense wins championships. Now thanks to great sites like Baseball Reference and Fangraphs we could all nerd out and compare these two defenses against one another but what is the fun in that? Especially on a Saturday, so instead we’ll focus on the pitching. What has the pitching for both the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers done against each other’s offense throughout their careers? Once again, thanks to great sites like Baseball Reference Fangraphs and this time ESPN we can easily find out. Enjoy as we get ready for the beginning of the NLCS here in a few short hours. Until then, enjoy your Saturday or Game Two of the ALCS that will also start here in a couple hours.

Jon Lester vs. Los Angeles

Kyle Hendricks vs. Los Angeles

Jake Arrieta vs. Los Angeles

John Lackey vs. Los Angeles

Kenta Maeda vs. Chicago

Kenta has never faced a single Chicago Cubs player

TBA vs. Chicago

TBA vs. Chicago

TBA vs. Chicago

Come on Dodgers, name some pitchers already! Will update when they do but right now it's speculated that Clayton Kershaw will start Game Two despite pitching in relief in Game 5 against the Nationals.

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