Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Every 2016 Home Run from the New York Yankees

The 2016 New York Yankees hit 182 home runs this season.... here is every single one of them. Enjoy.


  1. About time....That the team's pitching is being pushed to
    the front of the team's needs list.

    That has been the team's weakness the past three years.

    The offense has started to come around, as the pitching has
    gone south. Not south to Ellijay.

    Quality reliever, quality young starter, and a top flight masher
    as a the 2017 formula.
    Thin out the heard, if possible, will really help.

    All the rest is ready to step forward.

    1. No one wants to come south to Ellijay. Look up Cohutta wilderness fire online. They don't even want us outside right now and when we go outside we are supposed to wear masks. This is in my back yard almost.... 10k acres burning and counting... no rain in sight.

      Yay Ellijay

    2. Daniel...
      I have meant to ask you if you know anything about the weather, taxes and housing in South Carolina?
      I have to get out of this state, my taxes have gone up again.
      Mainly the weather and taxes, I'll let the Boss pick the house.

    3. It's still on fire lol. We have like over 10K acres burning above us and another 8K or so last I checked burning below us and we are stuck in the middle.

      it's not fun around here right now.

    4. ken! what? Taxes that are 1/2 the average US salary is too much!? and rising!? LI is nuts.

  2. TIME TO REFLECT....Post World Series 2016.

    Team needs, in order to compete :

    Young dynamic starter, top quality reliever, feared DH type to
    make the name...'Bronx Bombers'...mean something again.

    This is not as complicated, as in years past. Just do it.

    We all know the reliever may be Chapman, or Melancon. That works.

    The young ace ?....My hope it is Sonny Gray of Oakland. It will
    cost a bundle. I see another David Cone here. He is that good.

    The bat ? Much can happen, and much to choose from
    at this point in time. Viva La....Bombers!

    Not all that complicated, is it ?
    Not with all the young talented youth pushing for jobs.

    Finally...a light at the back of the tunnel?...Or is it the
    fire line around Ellijay?


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