Sunday, November 13, 2016

Yankees Have Ten Minor League Free Agents

Matt Eddy at Baseball American has the full list of 534 minor league free agents that will hit the market this offseason and that list included ten members of the New York Yankees. There are a couple names that are household names to even the most casual of Yankees fans while others are in the lower levels of the farm. Let's take a quick look at this list of free agents and see how it will potentially affect the Yankees farm system going forward.

RHP Tyler Cloyd
INF Cito Culver
RHP Claudio Custodio
INF Jonathan Diaz
RHP Gabe Encinas
C Santiago Nessy
OF Cesar Puello
C Eddy Rodriguez
UTIL Jose Rosario
C Sebastian Valle

Cito Culver and Cesar Puello are probably the most notable players on the list but truly Culver hasn't been on the Yankees prospects radar for quite some time. How far the once might have fallen. Puello is an outfielder in a system stocked full of outfielders so while he is talented he likely won't be a significant loss in the grand scheme of things.

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