Monday, January 9, 2017

Brian Cashman and the 1% Solution...

Earlier today on Jim Bowden’s SiriusXM radio show (Channel 210, Fantasy Sports Radio), GM Brian Cashman indicated it is possible no further moves are made before the team heads to Tampa next month.  “We stay engaged with the marketplace, but I think more likely than not – 99 percent likely – we are going to be going to camp with what we have”, Cashman told Bowden. 

Color me the skeptic but I think the odds just increased for the Yankees to make a move to add a veteran pitcher before camp.  The ‘1%’ Brian Cashman indirectly alludes to just became as wide of the Grand Canyon.   I take these comments as posturing, whether it is to get the Chicago White Sox to lessen their demands for starting pitcher Jose Quintana or a free agent like Jason Hammel to accept a lesser deal. 

Cashman’s comments kind of feel like the stereotypical team vote of confidence for a manager who is about to lose his job (and does). 

I am not buying the talk of simply throwing Luis Cessa, Chad Green, Bryan Mitchell, Adam Warren and Luis Severino into the mix to compete for the two open rotation spots.  To do so means the Yankees have complete confidence that two of these pitchers will rise to the challenge.  The more prudent approach would be to bring in a veteran pitcher to compete with the kids.

I thought earlier in the off-season, the Arizona Diamondbacks and their new GM Mike Hazen, made a very good move in picking up Taijuan Walker in a five-player trade with the Seattle Mariners.  That’s the type of trade that I’d like to see the Yankees make, rather than bet the farm on a trade for Quintana. 

I’ve heard the predictions that the Yankees could end up with anywhere from 75 to 85 wins depending on how well the younger guys play.  If the team truly has the potential to win 85 games, then it is not going to take much to secure at least one of the wild card spots.  If the Yankees feel that Quintana can make the difference, then they should pull the trigger on a trade.  I do not want to risk losing key top prospects, but recognize that the only way to pry Quintana lose would be to include prized talent.  That’s why I feel that Cashman is simply throwing a smoke screen to eliminate or at least reduce the perception of desperation.  His way of trying to turn this from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. 

Odds are the Houston Astros or another team will overpay to win Quintana’s services.  Regardless of what happens with Quintana, the Yankees would be better served by focusing on other under the radar trade possibilities to strengthen the competition for the open rotation spots.  This is exactly what I think Brian Cashman is looking to do with his latest posturing comments.  He wants to make the right deal…on his terms.

We’ll soon see if 1% yields a veteran pitcher…


  1. patrick and the 99% Solution.
    In response to the above post.

    Not that anyone should care what I think, or do.

    But if they / yankees do this again...scuttle the season. Like last year.
    I will spend next season on the beach, enjoying life.
    I watched 1-3 full games last year, and I will live longer.
    Most games got turned off by the third.
    Anne says I look younger. Smart women.

    * Site supporters who recite " we are the best site, we rule"....Really ?
    Where are they ? It takes ten minutes to put up a quality post.
    Five minutes in a rush.
    I may have less time than any of you. But I find the time.

    Stand up, or sit down, and shut up.

    1. we're hibernating for the winter, Patrick! we need to rest up so we can get back to arguing in april :-)

  2. Players like We have in our top 10 don't come to the Yankees very often...keep them.
    We are going to go through about 10 starting pitchers as it is why trade for one when we need the traded players for 2018!
    One for Two OF jobs, one for backup catcher and 2nd base...unless Castro plays baseball much better than last year.
    Trading the players they want for a 50% winner, just doesn't cut it with me!

  3. I disagree gentlemen. We have a ton of prospects. Especially middle infield and outfield prospects. Judge, Frazier, Rutherford, Fowler, Mateo, Torres, and Andujar. Reed, you're wrong. Quintana is not a 50/50 pitcher. Stats prove he is a front line guy. He's controled for four more years. Make the deal!!!

    1. Jeff Levin...Reports in New York say Chicago wants... 'three
      top tier prospects'. They say who they want, not us.
      You still willing to pull the trigger ?

    2. Yes, patrick, I am. Please don't get me wrong. I like our prospects. But prospects are just that. Quintana is between Jon Lester and Madison Buamgarner in WAR over the past four seasons. Wouldn't you trade a few prospects for that? That kinda seems like a no-brainer.

    3. Jeff....'morning. What if Chicago's list started with Sanchez ?
      Rather than the unproven chips.
      I would bet they did ask for a rather richer haul of talent.

    4. patrick- If the list started with Sanchez, I'd tell them to go get bent. What I heard was Frazier/Severino/Mateo. If that's the deal, I would make that deal every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Sanchez and Torres are untouchable though.

    5. Jeff, look at the stats, he has been a 50% winner!

    6. Jeff, I can see your point and you are not wrong, I just have a different opinion!

      Trading our #2 and #4 farm hands plus Severino, a starting pitcher (or great BP pitcher)...wouldn't make me happy at all.
      Torres is a 2nd baseman unless Didi gets hurt or traded. Word is Torres will out grow SS in a few years, thus I had Mateo in CF/LF. We have a few SS that can do the job plus an 18 year old SS that will/could (?) take Didis place in a few years.

      I still think there isn't a real good pitcher out there right now, next year is a different thing. The only way one will know what we will need for the push in 2018 is to let them play.

    7. Come on Reed. You can't judge a pitcher on his win loss record. I've even heard you defend Eovaldi using that exact same argument. Wins and losses are not in the hands of the pitcher. All he can do is pitch well. How many times did we watch Eovaldi give up six runs and get the win?

    8. Ok, Ok Jeff.....
      I must confess, I posted this on my Blog a day ago;

      "Well guys, as they say on my turf, "Quintana, he got the since"! Numbers show him as a very good pitcher, there can be many reasons for his 50% win/loss record! He was leading when he was pulled from the game, but the BP couldn't hold it for him is the most notable and logical reason.
      The thing is, unless we pick-up a couple big name game changers after this season...when we will have about $40+/- mil coming off the payroll...we will need the top guys from the farm, really bad.

      I can live without Judge, Mateo (both top 10), I don't want to but...I don't want to be 80 this year, such is life!
      My answer to a trade is, give them Pineda, for Quintana...could it be the pressure of pitching in NY, Pineda's problem. One big drawback to that is, IF Pineda gets his head in the game, he could be a game changer for the Yanks.

      There are too many ways to look at a trade for Quintana, with us coming out even or on top! I haven't seen as much top grade talent in the Yankees Farm since the 90's. We did alright with that bunch of guys, didn't we? Let them play then add what we need".
      I'm sorry about that Jeff, it was boring around here, but, I still would like to play the young guys so 2018 can be much better by only going after what we may need.

  4. Jeff....You just brought back some old memories.

    The phrase....'Get bent!'...First heard it back in '64, while
    at college, in lower Manhattan. Me being a early hipster,
    before there were hipsters, it was the phrase to use.

    I used it at home, on my younger brother, and my mother got bent.
    She thought it was likened to the F-word. God forbid !
    Just sharing with you, Jeff. Take care.

    Trade Tanaka & order to hit the lotto again.

  5. Hay guys, we three are the only ones around here and I just got through with my work-out about something like this????

    I am not giving up Severino for starters!
    IF....let's stipulate Pineda can't be a starter, ok? Having Chapman 9th, Dellin #8 Severino #7 with Pineda as the #6 arms in the BP we have 4 guys that can close if need be.

    1. Kenneth....Pineda is now the 6th inning set-up guy ?
      Are you eating that ice from the lake ?
      Pineda who pitches to a 5 ERA as a starter ?
      Pineda who's worst innings are 1-3 ?
      It is the ice, right ?

    2. Pineda will not be moved to the bullpen. His main value to the Yankees is a July trade. He's in a contract year, so he'll pitch well. That's how it works. Trade him for some premier prospects like we did last summer. I like the youth movement, and Quintana fits in with that.

    3. Jeff, did you read my comment above?
      I like the idea of a mid-year trade of Pineda we would get more for him.
      Pineda for Quintana is a deal I wrote above, why not?
      Pineda would work out well in the BP. Different mind set, and different way of pitching...even though he is more valuable as a starter!

    4. I did read your comment from above. I just think that including Pineda in the deal is somewhat of a fantasy. In what world would Chicago have any interest in a trade for Pineda? He's only under contract for one year. That is not what rebuilding teams want. Top tier prospects are the only thing that's going to pry a top of the rotation starter away from a team that's rebuilding.

    5. Jeff...
      Three (+) team deals happen every year. Step outside the box, we have fine weather out here...although, the winds are a bit troublesome many times!
      As we have NO idea what will or will not happen, why not throw everything out there. I must say, I agree with you that Pineda will most likely pitch better this year. The main thing, as we go into the season is finding the right players for the right spot. No one's job should be safe this or any other year!
      Jeff, have fun this year, you make me think...sometimes badly. LOL

    6. Now you're confusing me with this 3 team stuff. Please remember that I'm a simple minded Idahoan suffering through the worst winter in 30 years!

    7. Damn Jeff, I feel for you, big time! Here in (Western) New York, we have NO snow at all (today anyhow).
      Just throwing anything out there to see what comes up!

      Why couldn't there be a trade of Pineda to (let's say) Boston through the Chicago White Sox with us getting Quintana and Chicago getting what they need.
      We give up a head case and get a good pitcher, Chicago gets what they want and so does the other team...everyone is happy!
      I am dreaming as I write this, so don't wake me up!

  6. Avoid the Titanic....Trade Tanaka 'way' before the trade deadline.

    Don't wait for something to come along, and wreck what you can get.
    ie: Do it this weekend.

    1. patrick, how was your dip in the river?
      Trading Tank is a real 50/50% deal for me, good in one way and bad in another.
      That is why it is tough being a GM. I know not what I would do and I don't like being a 50% guy (already am with the Quintana deal), so I recuse myself from the trade of Tanks' debate.

    2. Kenneth....No ! Not a river, but the mighty Atlantic.

      The mighty cold Atlantic. You will be there on Feb. 5th ?
      You & Hans diving down deep below to bring up proving sand ? Do it.
      Cameras will be at the ready.

      * Tanaka....Trade him tonight, before a in season injury FUBAR's
      it up.
      Reports say Houston is asking about him. Good. Must be others.
      Get quality back for him, and move on.
      He's gone after the season.

    3. Yup, the mighty Atlantic, I knew better but forgot. Have a good time on the dive but without me for sure. Hell, I'll be 80 this year and I hibernate at 40 degrees...I hate the winter.
      Did you read the weather Jeff is getting in Idaho? A big FUBAR!

      Have fun in the Mighty Cold Atlantic...River! LOL

    4. Patrick i don't need to shrinkage to happen to me like it did to George Costanza from being too cold

    5. HANSEL...Great to see your name back up on the board !

      Even if for a short time...

      Shrinkage ? Not sure where you are going with that ?

      When one dives deep into the cold dark Atlantic that Sunday,
      you are a real man surrounded by 'Polar Bears', real men.
      Sounds like you may rather want to go to the gay, nude side ?
      No shrink wrap there either ! They'll hold your scrotum.

  7. Now Patrick, be nice! KH has been gone for a while and has to get his feet wet again. Trust me, he will be back in full force soon...right, KH?

    1. Exactly. I guess no one here watches Seinfeld as there is a great episode on the cold water. The nude side doesn't sound so bad

    2. Totally got the Seinfeld reference. Without a doubt, the best sitcom ever.

    3. Seinfeld Sitcom? When was that on? In the 2000s? If not, I must have been working somewhere.
      Sorry! Maybe I'll look it up!

  8. I'm glad Levin knows what I'm talking about

    1. HANSEL....DUH ?
      You are consumed with this shrinkage stuff. And now you drag a
      nice guy like Jeff Levin into it.
      He was uncomfortable making his response. Obvious ?

      Real men that dive into the dark cold Atlantic, can not relate to you.

      You need to dive in on the other side of the jetty, where
      pink slippers rule, to make your point.
      Water to the ankles will rule the day.

  9. RINGMASTER....Daniel Burch / Dan-O.
    Waited a while to call out, hope all is well.


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