Monday, January 9, 2017

This Day in New York Yankees History 1/9: The Highlanders are Born

On this day in 1903 Baltimore's American League franchise is sold to Frank Farrell and Bill Devery for $18,000 and is moved to New York. The Manhattan team will be known as the New York Highlanders before being renamed the Yankees in 1913.

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  1. Babe Ruth the greatest pure hitter ever, followed by Hank Aaron and A-Rod!
    Greatest three guys to play the game? I have no idea!
    In all numbers we rate the players by, I rate A-Rod #1 infielder, Hank Aaron number 2, with Babe Ruth in the number 3 spot because some hit etc were as a pitcher and his true % as an outfielder.
    Babe and Aaron were in the top 5 spots many more categories than A-Rod, so one can say Babe is still the King with Hank very very close...with A-Rod close also!

    Take your pick! Numbers with A-Rod are the best in these modern times.


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