Sunday, January 8, 2017

This Day in New York Yankees History 1/8: Goose Gossage Meets the Hall of Fame

On this day in 2008 Rich "Goose" Gossage, in his ninth year on the ballot, is the only player to receive more than 75% of the writer’s votes, tallying 85.5%, and was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Goose played for 22 seasons, most notably with the Yankees, and compiled a 124-107 record while saving 310 games and posting a 3.01 ERA.

Also on this day in 2004 Don Zimmer, fresh off of resigning as the Yankees bench coach, was named as a Senior Baseball Adviser for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Zim would be a coach during Spring Training and pregame practices at all regular season home games, most road games, and assisted the team with community affairs.

Also on this day in 1990 Johnny Sylvester, a terminally sick boy whom Babe Ruth promised to hit a home run for in the 1926 World Series, died at the age of 74. Ruth did hit that home run against the St. Louis Cardinals as promised and the then 11 year old recovered from his illness. This story was showcased in the movie The Babe Ruth Story, although the facts in the movie have been proven to be less than accurate.

Finally on this day in 1913 Frank Chance became the manager of the New York Highlanders, soon to be the Yankees. The veteran manager will finish next to last in the league with a 57-94 record and will compile a 117-168 record in his two year stint in New York.


  1. Here are some Farm players that MAY make the team this some time during the year.
    Gleyber at 2nd base, Aaron Judge OF, Clint Frazier OF (if Judge can't cut it), Kaprielian starter, Jordan Montgomery starter.

    Jorge Mateo CF/LF (as I suggested last year), Clint Frazier OF (more reasonable), Dustin Fowler OF, may come up before Clint or Jorge.
    Pitchers...Chance Adams starting pitcher, Domingo Acevedo starter.
    Just some of the guys I hope can make a spot for themselves.

  2. Big Papi...
    Curt Schilling says something like this, 'Ortiz is one of the best team mates and a very nice guy, even if he did take PEDs he is a HofF player'!
    I hope I got it right, I think I did!
    So, being a nice guy, and a one way player is a sure fire way to get into the HofF (HofShame)?
    Let's see, 6 years in MIN, avg. 9.6 HRs a season, in Boston for 14 years avg. 34.5 HRs per season. He also has PEDs hanging over his head.
    A guy using PEDS, gets in because he is a nice guy, not because of his stats.

    Nothing wrong with being a nice guy! But, I always thought good guys finish out of the money!

    1. Reed, Ortiz never hit more than 20 Hr in the Metrodome, gets released I believe and his head grows in size to that of an orbiting planet and he starts mashing. He is on the list of 104 players and everyone with a clue knows he juiced yet he gets a pass all the time. It's BS and it needs to come out because Ortiz isn't a Hall of famer. Edgar Martinez was a better overall hitter that the Juicer Ortiz. The Roid Sux are always teflon.

    2. Ken Hans get this one; just for fun! Welcome back.

      "According to the Baseball Reference measurement of Wins Above Replacement, Brett Gardner has been quite literally the most successful Yankees draft pick since Derek Jeter. If you limit the sample size further, counting only the past 20 years, the distinction becomes even more undeniable.

      Gardner was a walk-on at the College of Charleston, a third-round draft pick in 2005, and he's played every one of his 1,067 Major League games with the Yankees. The team has not drafted and signed a player since Jeter who has a higher career WAR than Gardner."

      Quote of Chad Jennings,


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