Saturday, February 11, 2017

If at First you don't succeed...

He has swing and miss ability!…

My first thought hearing the news (allegedly, as there has been no official announcement yet) that the Yankees signed free agent first baseman Chris Carter was the team had captured last year’s strikeout leader.  Great if the signing was for a pitcher, but not so great when it is a hitter.  

Credit:  USA Today Sports

Still, for a team with questions at first base, the signing makes some sense.  It’s not a given that Greg Bird will pick up where he left off in 2015 given that he missed most of last year due to injury (playing only in the Arizona Fall League).  

The other first base candidate (Tyler Austin) was completely off the Yankees’ radar last off-season.  He had a surprisingly good year to recapture prospect status and came up with some big hits in the Bronx at the end of the year.  But he is not the second coming of Don Mattingly, Tino Martinez, Jason Giambi or Mark Teixeira.  

Carter will end many innings with strikeouts, but the potential for the big smash to win games is there.  He provides help from the bench if Bird captures first with a strong Spring performance or is there for a platoon if necessary.  He also provides insurance at DH for Matt Holliday who has spent a fair amount of time on the DL over the last few years.

For only $3.5 million (and one year), Carter is a good investment.  He can play his way into a new contract with the Yankees or the parties can decide to part ways at the end of the year which fits with Hal Steinbrenner’s desire to get under the luxury tax threshold next year.  

We’ve been spoiled by great first basemen over the years, but I didn’t enjoy the various Teixeira ailments that plagued the team in recent years.  I am hopeful that Bird grabs the position and runs with it.  Carter will be there for insurance.

Wanted:  Starting Pitchers…

I had been hopeful the Yankees would sign a veteran pitcher to bring to camp but it doesn’t look like it will happen.  Jason Hammel had been my choice, but he recently signed with the Kansas City Royals as they attempt to recover from the devastating passing of Yordano Ventura.  Doug Fister is still out there, but I don’t think he’ll be coming in for the Yankees.  So, it looks like the Yankees will fill the two open spots in the rotation with in-house candidates.  Clearly, they have to be hoping for a rebound by Luis Severino who failed miserably as a starter last year (finding success only in the bullpen).  But in off-season work with Pedro Martinez, maybe Sevy can show he is capable of becoming a good starter at the major league level.

I would love for James Kaprielian to take the other spot, but I recognize that he is not ready yet.  He’ll need more time in the minors and might get a chance later in the year.  Luis Cessa and Chad Green will be given every opportunity, but Jordan Montgomery is quickly becoming my favorite.  Last year, he pitched to a 2.95 ERA in 19 starts with AA Trenton, and then 0.97 in just 6 starts with AAA Scranton/Wilkes Barre.  At 6-6, he is a formidable presence on the mound with the pitches to match.  His time may be now.  Severino and Montgomery have the potential to make the back end of the Yankees rotation quite strong, which would certainly help the questions that exist in the front end.

Credit:  Jason Farmer/Scranton Times-Tribune

It’s exciting that baseball is almost back.  Pitchers and catchers will report on Valentine’s Day (that must have made a bunch of wives and girlfriends happy) so we’re only days away.  It seems like it wasn’t that long ago Aroldis Chapman was on the mound winning a World Series.  It will be good to see him back in blue (well, a darker shade of blue than we last saw him wearing).  The excitement of spring training, along with the limitless possibilities it brings, is fun.  

Welcome back, Yankees!

Sad Day for Detroit and all of Major League Baseball…

On a final note, my deepest sympathy and condolences to the Detroit Tigers, their fans, and the family of their late owner Mike Ilitch who passed away yesterday.  He was great for the Tigers, the city of Detroit, and MLB.  He will be missed.  It’s unfortunate that he was unable to see a Tigers championship or the opening of the new Little Caesars Arena for his other team, the Detroit Red Wings.  Time for Ilitch to compete with George Steinbrenner in the Heaven Baseball League…



  1. Nice job, Fid. I know how much work went into that post.
    Season is ready to break. Look forward to working with you.

  2. Everything is OK. All is well. Get over it.

    Someone runs a site magnificently, for years, then vanishes for
    almost a month before players report ? Is that normal ?

    Why worry ?...Everything is OK. All is well. Get over it. Trust me.
    Really ? Bryan wants what is left here, to play pretend.

    Those who have put in countless hours, are now owed nothing....Sad.

  3. OK Bryan, lets pretend.
    Which is dumber....?

    The proposed extra inning new rule? To start the inning with a player at second ?

    Or, Bryan's last post ? ..."Daniel is OK, but he did not give me
    any information..." Hmmmm?
    ie: "Hi Bryan, I'm OK" !.....Sounds like a five second phone call to me.

    Bryan you win the most vapid award of the day. No surprise here.

  4. A Betting Man :
    Yeah, that's me. I would have lost this one today.

    Today ? Reporting date for pitchers & catchers. That would of been
    my bet also, that Daniel would have returned today.
    He hasn't, so I still have beer money.

    What Daniel does is his business.
    The fact that some at this site have information, and
    refuse to share it, is my business.

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    1. Hello, long lost leader!
      If you haven't read the comments...don't!
      You may leave for another sabbatical...not good. You don't get paid for your work so, maybe I should change Sabbatical to just "time out"!

      I hope this is welcome back!?!?

    2. THAT'S IT!..........."Hello fiends" ? Almost like a fake post.

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  6. Patrick, and others, Daniel works very hard and puts in many hours on this site...right?
    Patrick, everyone should take a "time out" once in awhile and get himself recharged.
    Come on, you take the winter off, I use to take months off every once in awhile after a tough job.
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    I know you do your best with every one of your jobs every day, what makes you more tired the mental or the hard work?

    Did I over do it? Maybe, maybe not, but I couldn't do his job, how about you guys?

    1. That "Hello friends", supposedly from Daniel.

      Daniel, try again. Shallow comments create FUBAR.

      Everything else is cannon fodder. You know the drill.
      I still feel his post was fake.

    2. Reed I truly understand Patrick's frustration. There is a handful of loyal guys on here which are you , Patrick, Levin myself and maybe one or two other guys. All he is asking is for Burch to acknowledge something is going on which is affecting the site. If he is in a bad way he should just say hey guys I'm going through some shit right now and I'm taking some time off to get things right. I believe I have religiously been on here for three years and I know you guys have been on a great deal longer so having the reply that we did does nothing.

      I have been ripped on this site and I have ripped others on this site and the bottom line is the regulars are a close nit group whether we agree or not. If some outsider comes on here and belittles someone we all attack because we care about this site. Hell I'm sick and tired of seeing the pictures of Eovaldi and McCann on here everyday.

      We are just looking for answers as to what is going on with the site and more importantly if Burch and his family are ok? Thats the most important thing.

    3. i actually have a post scheduled for tomorrow and I fully planned on having more than a "hello friends" before I dipped but life got in the way tonight.

      I'm fine. My family is fine and your explanation is coming.

  7. Faith in a leader is a wonderful thing, don't you know?


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