Friday, February 17, 2017

So It Seems the World Works Against Us Sometimes

Good morning everyone and happy Friday to you all. I want to start this morning off by talking to you a bit and by thanking you for your continued support. There’s not likely to be too many blogs out there that can take the hiatus that I did and still come back to all hands on deck on Twitter and in the comments section of the site. I’m truly humbled and I’m forever grateful for you all.

It seems like the world works against us sometime. For example, this week I returned to the blog after the aforementioned long hiatus that I still can’t fully understand or explain. I just simply and completely checked out of the world entirely. I shut myself out to everything and everyone that does not live in my house and I don’t have a true explanation as to why.

This week has been tough. I’ve been enjoying writing again and I’m getting back into the habit and into the groove of writing again but life just continues to throw their curve balls that they love to throw. Work has been incredibly busy, and don’t tell my boss but I do the vast majority of my writing while I am at work, and my life outside of work has been twice as busy. Just this Wednesday I got a call from the woman who watches my son while I work and the call stated that he had fallen and busted his chin. Long story short and four hours later in an emergency room I was home at 10:00 pm, drained and not wanting to write.

You know what I did? I wrote anyway, and it was the content you saw yesterday featured on the blog, and you know what? It made me feel better. I’ve had so many special people come in and out of my life and I am truly blessed. You are my favorite thing.

Have a great Friday everyone. Position players are set to report to Yankees camp tomorrow if they haven’t already. 


  1. I do a lot of writing. My wife has cancer and I ask myself why write or do anything but take care of her. In Chariots Of Fire the Olympic runner says with regard to his close relationship with God " when I run I feel His pleasure." The Lord who has suffered is extra close to those who also suffer.

  2. Replies
    1. Amen, Dennis. Your wife, yourself and your family are in my prayers. My hope is that your wife can beat cancer. If she so chooses to of course.

      Stay well and welcome to the site!

    2. Thanks Daniel I appreciate your sensitivity to her situation. She definitely does want to get better and we received some good news today. Are you still seeking some wtiters for the blog?

    3. Prayers Dennis to your wife and family.


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