Sunday, March 12, 2017

It's My Turn To Chime In On Quintana


There's my very simple response to the idea of trading for Jose Quintana. If you care to know why I think that way then read on. Otherwise, have a nice night.

Okay, for those that are curious as to why...

Jose Quintana is signed through 2018. He has two team options for 2019 and 2020, but keep in mind that 2019 will be his age 30 year. Pitchers at age 30 are not usually what they were at age 27.

I know this is hard for some fans to admit, but the Yankees are not built to win this year or next. Hell, there are many "experts" that barely have the Yankees finishing this upcoming season above .500.

In reality, their next true shot at another World Series title is in 2019. In case you suffer from poor short-term memory, that would be Quintana's age 30 season (assuming the Yankees were to pick up his option for that season).

So making a trade for Quintana would be closer to a "win-now" move, than one made with the future in mind. If trading for Quintana wouldn't likely cost players like Aaron Judge and James Kaprielien I'd be all for it. But giving up that type of young talent, who the team could build their lineup and rotation around, doesn't strike me as a great decision.


  1. Replies
    1. Did you vacate Long island yet? or are you bracing yourself??

    2. I live in North Western NY, so far so good.
      You in NY State?

    3. oh, I thought you lived in Brooklyn! Im a long islander.

    4. Haven't been that close to "The Kitchen" after leaving back in the 50's. Come west Young Man, come west!
      I take that back, I have been to many, many games at the park over the years.

  2. agreed. he still might very well be good at 30. but the idea about "4 years of control" and "he's a player we could build around" isn't working for me. you build around several 23,24,25 year olds. not a 28-30 year old. remind the mariners!

    1. Daryl, He said the same thing as you just did. I had to read the last part twice myself to see he meant the same as you said and I tried to convey!

    2. I know. just reaffirming lol

    3. Thank you for clearing that up, you're a smart Yankee Fan Daryl. I didn't think you went to the "Dark Side"! LOL
      Have as good a day as you can with the storm coming your way.
      Good Luck to you and Patrick, along with Family!


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