Thursday, March 2, 2017

So it Seems the Blog is Going in a Whole New Direction

When I got home last night I checked my email as I always do to find an email from Five years ago yesterday I purchased the domain and set it up on an autodraft with my bank account. I was reluctant but I was that confident that we would be here to stay and now five years later here we stand stronger than ever with a possible new direction for the blog. When Bryan Van Dusen and I started this blog over five years ago today, for the first two months we used the domain and not our custom domain, we set out to be different and do things our way and we are going to continue that going forward. 

We had a discussion this week and we decided to put more of "us" into our blogs. Sure, if the Yankees make a trade or something we will always report on the major news, moves or rumors but we are not a news site. We are a blog and we are going to start acting like it a little more.  

What is a blog? Here is the definition from

a website containing a writer's or group of writers' own experiences,observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to otherwebsites.
a single entry or post on such a website:
She regularly contributes a blog to the magazine's website.

We have already begun this with my morning ramblings here on "So it Seems" and now Bryan and I are ready to take the next step. We have vowed to stop being the "nice" guys and the politically correct guys that simply report the news, garner the clicks and move on. We are going to be us and we are going to put more of "us" into our work. We're going back to our roots and we are going to start truly enjoying writing and BLOGGING. 

To be honest you may not even see a huge difference on the blog. I was never one to simply recycle the same old boring crap over and over again anyway but now we are going less "business as usual" and more casual and fun. Don't fret, we wouldn't be making this change if we didn't think you guys would enjoy it and we wouldn't do it if it was going to  upset the masses. Well maybe that's a lie and maybe that's part of the problem here. We didn't want to really upset the masses before, now we are going to be us, FANS not professional writers, and you will just have to take us as we are :)

It's time to have fun again and I think you guys truly will have fun beside us in this new direction. Stick around because this is just the beginning and you are still my favorite thing in this world. Cry but cry those good tears. Laugh but laugh because I made you laugh. Smile but smile because I made you smile. Smile because I made you laugh and made you cry the best cries and reassured you of what I already know to be true. Love because I love you and know you're my favorite thing because you are my very favorite thing. 


  1. The good thing is you have a following of people that come here because we have talked with you and grown to like you. It's a good community. Of course, I like to get yankee related news, but it's also much more personable here and I like interacting with "the gang." Because of this, you guys could write however you want, and we would still come and comment, because we like you, the guys publishing.

    so next article, Bryan's review of "50 darker shades". Spoiler- sexy, terrible, and so much nip.

    1. Just to be clear Daryl we will still be doing the whole Yankees related news thing here. You will still get rumors, you will still get breaking news etc. etc. etc. We are simply adding more of our own personal two cents into it when you do and less of the same recycled garbage you could get anywhere else.


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