Thursday, March 9, 2017

So it Seems Crying IS Allowed in Baseball

Move over Tom Hanks (League of Their Own reference if you’ve been living under a rock and never saw that classic baseball-themed movie) and take a seat because there is crying allowed in Major League Baseball. It’s Kode. Yesterday and the day before were rough days for me for the most part, I have to be honest here. Without going into details I lost something so unimportant that I let it affect me to the point where I could have lost something that means the absolute world to me. And for that, I cried. Multiple times. At home. At work. On the way to work. Hell I did while typing this out. And for what? For something that’s completely and utterly replaceable?

Irreplaceable > Replaceable

#DontSweatTheSmallStuff #YouJumpIJump 

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