Wednesday, March 29, 2017

So it Seems a Jumpstart is Needed

So it seems a jump start is needed and in order. What is a jump start? Well while this may be a bit of Kode this is also Yankees related if you think about it. A jump start is something needed to induce change. Need a new car but you don't know if you want a new car or a new to you car? Well wrecking that car and putting it in a ditch tends to jump start your decision on your next car purchase, doesn't it? This happens in life and it happens with this team as well.

The jump start finally happened last year when Brian Cashman traded away relievers Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman as well as starter Ivan Nova and it continued with the Carlos Beltran trade last season and the Brian McCann trade from this winter. The jump start has happened and the youth movement is in full effect.

The jump start has started and it will happen. Just be patient.

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