Tuesday, April 25, 2017

USA Today’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings

Another week down in this 2017 Major League Baseball season and another week of MLB Power Rankings brought to you here from the USA Today Sports publication. I just like the USA Today and I really can’t describe why. Their work is non-bias, or as close as you can get in my opinion, and they really put in the work and the research. You can always spot a place that puts stuff out there for views and you can also see a spot that takes pride in their work and the USA Today is definitely the latter and not the former. With that I once again bring you their weekly power rankings and, spoiler alert, once again it was a good week for the New York Yankees.

Last week the New York Yankees were the biggest risers in the league according to the rankings and they kept on rising this week as well climbing three spots from the #11 spot into the Top 10 with the 8th overall position. This week the biggest rise went to the St. Louis Cardinals who rose eight spots to the #15 spot while the Minnesota Twins were the biggest fall of the week falling 11 spots all the way down to the #26 position. Ouch.

The Top Five teams in the league according to the rankings are the Washington Nationals who unseated the now #2 ranked Chicago Cubs while the Houston Astros, Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Indians followed in descending order. The five worst teams in the league according to the rankings are the Minnesota Twins at #26, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Chicago White Sox, the San Diego Padres and the #30 ranked Atlanta Braves. Again, ouch.

The more these rankings go on the larger the sample size gets and the truer and clearer the picture that is depicted gets. To see the Yankees continue to climb really excites me and just cements to me what I have been saying since the offseason and since spring training, that this team can surprise people this season. And they have. And they will continue to. Bet.

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