Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Help Wanted: Game Recaps & Writers Needed

First of all I want to congratulate once again my friend and former colleague Benny Tomko on his promotion from The Greedy Pinstripes to Elite Sports New York. Those guys run a tight ship and a great publication over there and I couldn't be prouder when one of my guys or girls takes the next step in their writing goals and careers. Congrats again to Benny and as happy as I am for him because of the awesome job that he did it leaves a spot here on The Greedy Pinstripes. Help wanted ladies and gentleman, help wanted indeed.

We are looking for someone to write game recaps and whatever other content they feel like they can and will contribute. This is not a paying position, I don't make a penny off the site myself, but as you can see this can be the first step in your journey towards MLB Network and/or the YES Network (because eff ESPN).

Shoot me a tweet @GreedyStripes, send me an email at TheGreedyPinstripes at gmail.com or simply leave a comment here on the comments section of the post to apply. Thank you in advance

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