Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Yankees Potential Trade Targets: Sonny Gray

The New York Yankees are very likely to at least have some discussions with many of the available starting pitchers and their teams this summer as the Bronx Bombers look to make a legitimate run at the American League East Division crown. We have already discussed Jose Quintana until we were blue in the face in the offseason, and hell we may discuss him again just for old times’ sake, and we have begun beating the dead horse that will be forever known as Gerrit Cole here on the blog so for a little bit of a change of pace let’s talk about the Oakland Athletics righty Sonny Gray. Will this be the year the A’s finally move Gray at the trading deadline?

Gray had a down 2016 season so the Oakland Athletics decided to hold onto their ace in hopes of him turning things around to start the 2017 campaign. Gray still isn’t back to being the ace that he once was, which in a Catch 22 kind of way works in the Yankees favor as it keeps the cost in terms of prospects down, but at the time of this writing Gray is sporting a 3.97 ERA. While a 3.97 ERA isn’t something you generally want to give the farm away for you must remember that somehow Gray is still just 27-years old and only two years removed from being an unstoppable force in the American League West Division for the A’s.

The Yankees have shown interest in Gray many times before, as it seems like he is always on the trading block for the struggling Oakland Athletics, and Gray would fit well into the Yankees rotation behind Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda. An acquisition of Gray would likely bounce CC Sabathia out of the rotation although I guess the Yankees could option Jordan Montgomery back to Triple-A to give Sabathia a bit of a longer leash. Who knows? What I do know is that you worry about those kind of things after he signs on the dotted line, not before.

I hate to say the Yankees could buy low on Gray because he would still cost quite a bit in terms of prospects but the cost as opposed to two years ago would be like night and day. Who wouldn’t want to give up a couple prospects for the chance at the Gray that was an ace for his first three seasons in the big leagues and a 27-year old arm with tons of MLB experience? I know the Yankees would and if I were the owner I’d sign off without batting an eye lash. Get it done Cash, before the price goes up. 

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