Saturday, June 10, 2017

If the Royals Begin a Fire Sale…

If I had to choose one single word to describe the Kansas City Royals this season it would be the word “terrible.” Now I’m not trying to talk trash or be malicious in anyway but their record supports my word of choice and so does their play on the field. Generally, especially with a team who has a fast closing window to compete, a team that is struggling right around the July 31st trading deadline has what we like to call in the business a “fire sale.” If the Kansas City Royals do indeed have a fire sale then I can think of at least one member of their team I’d like the Yankees to take a look at. Maybe two. Maybe more, because I’m greedy.

First base has been a thorn in the side of the Yankees all season long and the Royals have a pretty nice first baseman in Eric Hosmer, could these two teams match up for a trade this July? Hosmer isn’t hitting for much power this season, just five home runs at the time of this writing, but the Yankees first baseman haven’t been hitting at all this season. Period. Hosmer is hitting over .300 with an adequate on-base percentage of .360. The Royals are in last place in the American League Central Division and Hosmer is a free agent at the end of the season making him likely available and likely “cheap” in terms of prospects.

Hosmer is just now entering his age 27 season and if the Yankees were to acquire him and then retain him past the 2017 season he could be a huge part of the Yankees team for easily the next 5-10 seasons. There’s an argument that could be made because Greg Bird is being donned as the first baseman of the future here in the Bronx but at the same time Hosmer comes with no guarantees attached to him beyond this season. The Yankees already have Chris Carter who is splitting time at first base, and he would have to likely be traded or designated for assignment to facilitate a Hosmer trade, so it is not out of the realm of possibilities of having a platoon type situation at first base with Hosmer and Bird.

I am of the mindset that the players that make the team the best that they can be should be here. It is not on me to figure out how to make the pieces work once they get here, that’s Joe Girardi’s job. I just want a player of the caliber of Hosmer here, especially if it fills a huge hole and void on the team this season. If the Royals are selling I am definitely listening and if the price is right, which is what it always comes down to, I’m buying as well. Where do I sign?


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