Wednesday, June 14, 2017

So it Seems These Yankees Are For Real?

Now I know I have been saying it since the 2017 season even started but what about you? Is the sample size large enough yet? Has enough time gone by yet? Has the Yankees terrorized enough starting pitching yet? Has their own pitching held their own and excelled enough yet to call this team for real yet? Or do we still have the skeptics and the doubters?

First you hear that the Yankees are doing it against teams they are supposed to do it against, the Kansas City Royals and Tampa Bay Rays immediately come to mind. What do you say when they do it against the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles though? What’s your excuse now?

Admit it. This team is for real, this team is legit and this team will stick around all season long. Admit it. Especially you. Hey you, good morning. I love you. 

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