Wednesday, June 14, 2017

USA Today’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings

Look out baseball world because the New York Yankees are coming! The USA Today has released their weekly MLB Power Rankings and the New York Yankees are slugging their way all the way to the top. Again, watch out because they are coming. Just how high did the Bronx Bombers and this modern day Murderer’s Row climb? Keep reading.

I won’t be mean and leave you in suspense for long, the Yankees climbed all the way to the second position on the rankings trailing only those pesky Houston Astros. The Astros remained in the top spot while the rest of the Top 5 was rounded out with the Colorado Rockies who also climbed two spots to the third position, the Washington Nationals who fell two spots to fourth and the Los Angeles Dodgers who also fell two spots to fifth.

The Yankees have 28 more teams behind them in these rankings and four teams chasing them in the American League East Division race and those teams show up on this ranking list as follows. The Boston Red Sox are hanging around at the #6 position while the Baltimore Orioles fell three spots to the #12 position overall. Getting hammered by the Yankees has a way of doing that to a team I guess. Meanwhile the Tampa Bay Rays are right behind the Orioles at lucky #13 after climbing one spot this week while the Toronto Blue Jays are still quietly hovering around the .500 mark and the 14th spot on the rankings.

The Minnesota Twins are 9th, the Milwaukee Brewers are 10th, the Chicago Cubs are 11th and the Miami Marlins are 27th? What year is this again? There’s a few more surprises thrown in there too including the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals but wow. What a season and it’s only June. Stay tuned as these rankings continue to form and take shape only to be flipped on their heads again by the July 31st trading deadline. 

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