Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The NBA season is officially over!

Before I get into this little rant I want to point out that I don't hate basketball. In fact, I've been a certified referee here in Ohio for 9 years, the last five at the varsity level. I was also lucky enough to play the game from age 7 until my senior year in high school. My varsity team my junior year actually made it to the state championship game (we lost to a private school from Syracuse... bastards).

Furthermore, March is by far my favorite month of the year. Not only is the baseball season underway, but the NCAA Tournament arrives. You could say that I'm a big fan of basketball at the high school and collegiate level.

That brings us to the National Basketball Association. My feelings on the pro game go from "meh" to utter disdain. I find the games to just be boring.

Maybe it's because I'm old. See, I still look back fondly on those Lakers teams with Magic and Kareem, or those Pistons teams with Isiah and Rodman. And thanks to my hatred for everything about Boston sports, I remember cheering on any team that was facing the Celtics. I guess I remember that version of the NBA being filled with teams.

Yes... teams.

Although it's gotten better since the early 2000s, I still see the majority of NBA teams being about one guy. So many offenses aren't filled with plays, but are simply about passing the ball to their resident "star" and getting out of the way. Sure, there may be other good to great players on a team, but they play a clear second fiddle to one guy.

It's either that or you get teams like Golden State that are considered "super teams", that make the rest of the teams in the NBA look like JV squads.

Hell, I heard on the local sports radio network yesterday that some idiot paid $90,000 for tickets to see Game 5. Are you freakin' kidding me!?!? I don't know what's worse... the guy that paid that much to see the game, or the simple fact that the tickets were that expensive in the first place.

So it should go without saying that I'm psyched that the NBA season is finally over with. I had to keep telling myself that today as I was driving around town, as my car radio is always tuned to that local sports radio station I mentioned earlier. And the Warriors winning the title was all they could talk about. Not just in the morning, but also this afternoon.

Now, I'm sure it was worse here than in other places (besides Oakland, and the surrounding area), as I'm not far from Cleveland so there are plenty of Cavs fans to appease. And I'm sure I'll hear some more about what the Cavs have to do in the offseason to try and compete with other super teams, namely the Warriors. But eventually the majority of talk is going to be about baseball... the greatest game on Earth. And that makes me smile.

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