Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ICYMH: Rob Refsnyder

The New York Yankees absolutely broke my heart over the weekend, and I am exaggerating a bit but if I am being completely honest I’m not exaggerating by that much, when the team traded utility player Robert Refsnyder to the Toronto Blue Jays for a minor league first baseman. I think it is well documented and has been since the 2015 season that I feel very strongly about my fandom and draw towards Refsnyder and I truly believe that Refsnyder should have been the Yankees starting second baseman back during the 2015 season. Stephen Drew Sucks. I feel like Refsnyder was always given a raw deal by the Yankees and will always be given a raw deal by the Yankees so while I am heartbroken as a fan I am happy for Refsnyder and excited to see what he can become out in Toronto. In case you miss him though like I do here is a quick recap of Refsnyder’s tenure here in the Bronx. Enjoy.

The Yankees drafted Refsnyder in the fifth round, 187th overall, in the 2012 MLB First Year Player Draft as a second baseman despite the fact that Refsnyder was a corner outfielder at the University of Arizona. Refsnyder signed for a $205,900 signing bonus before being assigned to Low-A Charleston with the Charleston Riverdogs. Refsnyder flew through the organization reaching Triple-A by June of 2014 which is where he would stay for what felt like a long, long time. In Refsnyder’s first 19 games at Triple-A in 2014 the righty batted .371 with three home runs forcing the Yankees to allow him to play the outfield as well as second base as the team prepared to call him up to the Major League level. And then they didn’t.

Stephen Drew was absolutely horrible for the Yankees during his entire tenure yet the Yankees continued to let a red hot Refsnyder toil around in the minor leagues due to concerns with his defense. I truly believe there is such thing as backwards progression and I fully believe this is what went on with Refsnyder and the Yankees. Eventually you reach a point where you plateau both physically and developmentally and if you aren’t pushed to go further then you simply just don’t. This is what happened with Refsnyder until he eventually took a step back, then two steps back and then the team wondered why he struggled when he took his two at-bats once a month.

Refsnyder was the Yankees starting second baseman in the 2015 AL Wild Card Game against the Houston Astros which despite the team’s loss may have been the highlight of Refsnyder’s Yankees tenure. Refsnyder jumped back and forth between Triple-A and the Major Leagues in 2016 and thus far in 2017 before finally being designated for assignment and ultimately traded to the Toronto Blue Jays during the fallout of the David Robertson, Todd Frazier and Tommy Kahnle acquisitions from Chicago. 

I personally will miss you Ref and I hope nothing but the best for you during the rest of your playing career no matter what uniform you’re wearing. You’re always a Yankee in my eyes. 


  1. Sorry Daniel but it is time for you to remove Refsnyder's pic from the side wall. He is a Yankee no more (even if he is still one in your eyes). It's time to get D-Rob's pic up amongst the other Yankees...or Aroldis Chapman or Todd Frazier or Tommy Kahnle or another current Yankee or prospect...on the TGP website in place of Refsnyder who was McBroomed away! ;)

  2. The Yanks should have followed through with their plan to use him after the All Star break in 2015. Mysteriously they sent him back to Triple A. I hope the Yanks don't find out how good he is the hard way via how he does with the Blue Jays. I love the Yankees and I love Refsnyder . God bless you Rob "the Lord is with you"

  3. Wow , the way they used him is no longer he was not good at any position.
    They changed him from OF to 2B and when he climbed the ladder for some reason they did not promote him over Drew who was not that great as a 2B.
    He did all they asked and yet found excuses.Like go 2 games get hits in both games making all the plays at 1B and then sits for days as Carter fails at the bat and in the field.
    I wish him well , always liked the way he handled himself as a Yankee.Good luck Rob Refsnyder.

  4. Let us hope the Yankees don't start thinking they are back in the 1980's even the 1970's and send the high end of our farm system for a stop gap pitcher.
    I would like to see Brett and Elly traded this year even though I have always been a big fan of Brett's!
    Cleaning the outfield by trading two players opens it up for Clint Frazier, Hicks, Judge and Dustin Fowler. Rotating those four guys would be a lot of fun for the manager...hell, anyone of them is just as good as the man that sits.
    As for Jeter being better than Didi...I'll leave it to you younger guys to believe hype, or real production on both sides of the ball.


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