Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Yankees Potential Trade Partners This July

The heat has been turned up and the month of July is now beyond the halfway point meaning the July 31st trading deadline is drawing closer and closer by the minute. Surely the New York Yankees have done their homework and have identified the potential sellers already at this year’s July 31st trading deadline but just in case they haven’t I have compiled what is probably an incomplete list. Also, since some still wonder if the team will buy or sell before the deadline, I will also include some potential buyers for the team as well. You know, because they read my content and I know it. Enjoy Cash and make sure to bookmark this for safe keeping. 

If you need any more proof that the Chicago White Sox are sellers than the team unloading Jose Quintana to the Chicago Cubs for four prospects then I don’t know what to tell you. The White Sox have more they may unload including, but not limited to, third baseman Todd Frazier and first baseman Jose Abreu. The Detroit Tigers will also be sellers along with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Oakland Athletics. Sonny Gray is still being seen as a gamble which is keeping his price tag low for the Athletics while the asking price for Gerrit Cole of the Pirates is said to be “enormous.” The San Diego Padres have a couple relief pitchers that are likely to be traded this July including Brad Hand while the San Francisco Giants are already said to be fielding calls for third baseman and former Yankee Eduardo Nunez. The Phillies will trade Pat Neshek before the end of the trading deadline while they may also trade first baseman Tommy Joseph to really jumpstart the rebuild in Philadelphia. 

The Chicago Cubs are obvious buyers after getting Jose Quintana from the Chicago White Sox but after the four prospect haul they already sent off they may not be serious buyers. The Cubs may buy-low on some players but I think their heavy lifting is done. The Washington Nationals also look to be buyers at this year’s trade deadline and will once again be in the market for a closer after losing Mark Melancon to the San Francisco Giants this offseason. Sean Kelley isn’t cutting it and I could have told you guys that was going to happen. The Miami Marlins have also told teams that they are open for business so expect Justin Bour and basically anyone not named Giancarlo Stanton to at least be available. 

The Yankees lead the “undecided” vote as the team may be waiting to see how this weekend series with the Boston Red Sox goes while the Milwaukee Brewers may also look to stand relatively still at the trade deadline despite their strong first half and lead in the NL Central Division. The Arizona Diamondbacks are also unlikely to do much as the team seems unwilling to trade key prospects out of the farm system while the Colorado Rockies may make a trade for the Reds Zack Cozart and call it a day. The Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays are unlikely to do much at this year’s trading deadline while I also, and this is my pure speculation, cannot see the Minnesota Twins dipping their feet into the deep end of the trade market either. 

The next couple weeks are going to be fun and I truly can’t wait to watch it all unfold. 


  1. With the production from Cooper and Choi and Caleb Smith maybe unless it is a deal that would net us the WS nust bite the bullet and carry on.
    If we are trading to be just a WC done and out then no trades are needed.
    Eiland does aeem to have better results than Rothschild and with less talent sonetimes.
    Time to do away with the Cubs connection of Girardi and Rothschild.

  2. I still believe we can add and no touch our untouchables.
    1. Yonder Alonso
    2. Todd Frazier
    3. David Robertson
    4. Tony Watson
    5. Sonny Gray could cost a couple Yankees top 30 prospects.

    All in all add the top 4 and look out.


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