Thursday, October 5, 2017

So it Seems… THE ALDS

Good morning everyone and welcome back to playoff baseball for the New York Yankees. Say what you will about whether the AL and NL Wild Card games are playoff or play-in games and say what you will about whether each team should celebrate after winning these games or not but there’s no denying that the Yankees are officially in the postseason now with their return to the ALDS. What do the Yankees get for scraping together a win in the Bronx on Tuesday night? The Cleveland Indians, the team with the best record in Major League Baseball in 2017. No problem though, I’d rather the Yankees take down the best of the best rather than “back in” to the World Series personally so bring on those Wahoos. They can fall as the Yankees rise just like anyone else, I’m not even worried.

Baby! Baseball date night #2!! I know you’re not excited about potentially staying up until after midnight and dealing with my roller coaster of emotions during the game but I love that you do it anyway, and without complaint. Reason #8672 that I love you. HEY YOU. 


  1. Seems to me that this might be the four best AL teams I can ever remember in the playoffs. This should be good.

  2. It's crazy that a Wild Card team can have more champagne celebrations than the division winners. I think the celebration for the right to play a single game elimination is a bit too much. Winning the single game is the greater accomplishment in the grand scheme of things. Although I wanted to see Colorado win last night, the NL might have their best four teams in the playoffs right now too.

    1. Part of me was rooting for Colorado, the other part was glad they lost. I want no part of having to potentially play at Coors field. That might be the scariest park to play in.


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