Tuesday, October 10, 2017

These Are Your New York Yankees

These New York Yankees have the potential to be something special and not for the reason many people may think. They have defied the odds throughout the entire regular season and after being down 2-0 against the almighty Indians, they might be doing it again.

Coming back from being down 2-0 in the ALDS has only happened nine times before in history, which makes these Yankees perfect for joining this club. They have been breaking records and making history all season long, with the postseason not being much different.

The past couple of nights have truly shown the nit and grit of this team and how they truly perform when their backs are up against the wall. This team is undefeated this postseason in games where if they lose they are eliminated, it seems like they just really don't want to go home.

Last night was a prime example of how these New York Yankees never say die. Despite going up against Trevor Bauer, who simply dominated them in Game One, they still came up to the plate with their heads held high and swung with confidence against the right-hander in a "do-or-die" atmosphere.

New York was able to rough up Bauer for four early runs and knock him out of the game before he could even finish the second inning. Once the Cleveland pen arrived, the Yankee lineup was able to knock them around a bit too. They tallied three more runs off a usually very effective Indians bullpen. This team is just something special, whenever they need to have a big game it seems like they do.

The Yankee pitching also came up big last night with a huge bounce-back start from Luis Severino, who gave the Yankees seven strong innings when they need him most. Tommy Kahnle then came out of the bullpen for an absolutely stellar two-inning save to force a Game Five in Cleveland on Wednesday night.

That is what we start looking at now, Game Five. The last hurdle the Yankees have to climb if they want to advance to face the Astros and truthfully, they have what it takes to beat Cleveland and move on. They just have to head into Cleveland with the mentality they have had the past two games and they will likely the outcome.

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