Saturday, December 9, 2017

Imagining a Lineup w/ Giancarlo Stanton

The deal that will bring Giancarlo Stanton to the Bronx is all but done pending a physical so it is time to dream here in the Bronx. Here is the lineup I would throw out there on Opening Day in Toronto had I been chosen over that Aaron Boone guy.

Brett Gardner
Aaron Judge
Didi Gregorius
Giancarlo Stanton
Gary Sanchez
Greg Bird
Aaron Hicks/Clint Frazier
Chase Headley
Gleyber Torres/Tyler Wade/ Ronald Torreyes


  1. I never thought the Yankees would pull this off, and had mixed feelings about it, but I sure am excited now that it's happened! I'm not sure about your lineup though. Of course you've done yours based on players on hand, but let's dream a little here. Gardner and Headley both get traded, so here goes.

  2. Jeff Levin....' been a while, how are you ? I hope...great.

    Like your dreaming line-up better than the others.

    Just going to test your convictions...
    Gardner, and Headley both get traded ? You feel that strongly ?
    Shouldn't they sign 'thumbs-down' Todd Frazier ?
    Just your thoughts....on what becomes of Ellsbery in 2018 ?

    Easy questions for you.....Take care.

    1. I'm well patrick. Very busy with work, but I suppose that's a good thing. I hope Gardner and Headley both get traded. I think those are the easiest contracts to move. They're short term with modest money. The only way Ellsbury goes is if the Yankees eat $15-18 million of his salary. I would like to have Frazier back at 3b. I'm just kind of enjoying this youth movement. Andujar and Torres both making the opening day lineup is a stretch, but one can hope. I think they're wasting time at AAA. Let them finish their development in the majors surrounded by all stars.

  3. Boston fans better get ready to deal with the Stanton signing !

    The David Ortiz 'reverse curse' has now come home to Fenway.

    Stanton will destroy the Green Monster....every series. For years
    to come.
    Even when he ages, and becomes the DH, he will still wreak havoc
    on those smug bean town fans. and that stupid wall of theirs.
    Yankee fans had lived with being slapped around by Ortiz for long enough.
    Now get ready to see how it feels.

    * It's OK for others to post on this site. Didn't we just have
    a big trade....right ?

  4. You are a Yankee minor league outfielder...What do you think today ?

    I have no idea how many outfield talents are stashed away in the Yankee
    farm system, all encouraged by some coach to keep getting better.
    But for what reason ?

    Some are MLB ready, while all have worked all their lives to
    reach the majors.

    And, now what ? As present set....They are blocked / the man behind the iron mask...locked away in some French tower.
    How bad is that ?....Stinks !

    What becomes of the young hopefuls ? Send them off to Cosco's ?
    ...Walmart ? To some meatball car dealer in Trenton ?
    Even Clint Frazier is no longer assured a spot. Too bad.

    * This site has so much talent...that does not participate.
    The site mgr, Daniel is top notch, but the supporting cast sucks.
    One comment / post a night is too much ? Please no F'n excuses.

    1. The minor league outfielders will whither away into boredom and take all of their talent with them. See Rob Refsnyder. And why? Not because of guys like Judge and Stanton. They are far superior than our minor leaguers. It's guys like Ellsbury and Gardner that will suck up their at bats.

  5. Todd Frazier....He is my third baseman.
    I think he wants to be that guy also.
    True team leader, and a character person. And, did I mention, a very
    fine third baseman. He belongs in this mix.
    Let's see how it plays out.


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