Tuesday, February 20, 2018

BREAKING: Yankees Acquire Brandon Drury in Three-Team Trade

The New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks pulled off a three-team trade tonight that will send outfielder Steven Souza from the Rays to the Diamondbacks, infielder Brandon Drury to the Yankees from the Diamondbacks and prospects to the Rays from both Arizona and New York.

Yankees Receive: 

Brandon Drury

Yankees Trade: 

Nick Solak to the Rays
Taylor Widener to the Diamondbacks

Rays Receive: 

Nick Solak from Yankees
LHP Anthony Banda from Arizona
Two players to be named later from Arizona

Rays Trade:

Steven Souza to the Diamondbacks

Arizona Trades:

Brandon Drury to New York

Arizona Receives: 

Steven Souza from Tampa Bay
Taylor Widener from New York

Taylor Widener was last season in Class-A Advanced ball last season tossing 119.1 innings pitched over 27 starts with a 3.39 ERA. Widener was starting to open some eyes inside the Yankees system finally after succumbing to injuries in the past including a ulnar transposition surgery back in 2015 but the loss of an A-Ball pitcher for a versatile infielder/outfielder like Drury is a no-brainer in my opinion.  Widener could turn into a middle-of-the-rotation type starter, but he has yet to prove in his professional career that he can handle the workload of a starting pitcher.

Drury will likely be the team's starting second or third baseman on Opening Day, I am leaning towards the latter more than the former to be completely honest. If anything else, and possibly later on in the season, Drury could become a super utility player for Aaron Boone and company while keeping the likes of Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar fresh and ready to go day in and day out. Drury hit .267/.317/.447 with 13 home runs last season and heads to New York with four more years of team control and a pre-arbitration salary, both of which the Yankees coveted this offseason more than ever. Drury has over 1000 innings at second base at the Major League level as well as over 300 innings at third base, his likely starting point on Opening Day 2018.

1 comment:

  1. Hmm...
    You tell all the writers your excited about your rookie prospects and then in two weeks sign Espinoza and trade for Drury.
    If they hit we know they can field then yeah it works great.We have seen this before how Yankees kill the attitude of thier prospects.
    Drury was not going anywhere and I think they owed Andujar at least a chance to prove himself in Spring Training.
    Who knows his bat might be like Sanchez that so he gives up a run with his defense he gets us 1.5 -2 runs back with that bat.
    The trade, not a bad trade but could cause regression for Andujar mentally and quite frankly this is wrong to this kid.
    Come on Boone take a stand don't become a puppet like Girardi was in the end and he still got let go/not brought back after contract.Surely you won't become the Cashman robot.


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