Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Yankees Day in the Life: Tino Martinez

Good morning Yankees family. I woke up this morning feeling a little nostalgic this morning for whatever reason so I wanted to do things a little bit differently today, just because. I have been watching a lot of old games lately (well, clips from old games and not the entire game admittedly) as well as going through the TGP archives... I may or may not be looking to draw inspirations and ideas for a future, much larger, post here on the blog. Stay tuned for that, but until then let us take a look at what it is like to walk in the shoes of the man who, much like Didi Gregorius, replaced a Yankees legend. Like Didi replaced Derek Jeter, Tino Martinez replaced some guy named Don Mattingly back in 1996.

I have to admit Tino became my favorite Yankee immediately and stayed in the top spot for his entire tenure in the Bronx, so I am just as excited as you are to watch this documentary and video. Enjoy!!

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