Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hello… NFL Draft Day

Good morning and welcome to NFL Draft Day here in the states. While I don’t watch football much anymore I do still tune in for the first round or so of the NFL Draft generally. I don’t know if I enjoy seeing the top few picks more or seeing NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell booed off the stage every time he opens his mouth. It is a close call between the two to be honest. Either way I know a lot of people enjoy the draft, so I hope your team gets who they want or need, or that they get greedy and get both.

We have some additional NFL Draft discussions to have later on in the day and maybe a rant or two about the unbelievable things I have been seeing while checking out some more of these Facebook Yankees groups. These groups raise my blood pressure, but they are giving me a ton of ideas to write about… so the good outweighs the bad? Maybe? Stay tuned for the rant before you answer that.

And a special good morning to you my love. I love you and I hope you slept well last night. Enjoy your day.

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