Saturday, July 7, 2018

Trade Trade Trade 

Hey there fans, how are you ? It’s been a few weeks but I’m back to voice my opinion on a very interesting topic of late. Trading with the Mets. Yeah yeah I know not happening! But what if it is ? The big debate as of late has been Jacob DeGrom or Noah Syndergaard, or JA Happ or Cole Hamels or Madison Bumgarner. Well give me Bumgarner all day everyday and Twice on Sunday. However for the sake of this post we are taking about the Mets, so DeGrom or Syndergaard? Hmmmm......Both are definitely the type of pitcher we need for our rotation. They are both tough as nails and very impressive. However if it’s between them I have the answer ...........

I am a Greedy Son of a B@$&! Give me both.   

Lmao I know I know It will be hard enough to convince the Mets to trade with the Yanks but if you can convince them on one why not go for the Grand Slam. So here is what I propose 


Mets Trade: Jacob DeGrom and Noah Syndergaard 

Yankees Trade: Clint Frazier, Tyler Wade, Estevan Florial, Brandon Drury, Chance Adams, Freicer Perez, Sonny Gray, Trevor Stephan. 

The Yankees get 2 not 1 Bonafide Aces to match with Sevi, CC, and Tanaka While keeping Andújar and Torres. (Love Red Thunder but go sign Bryce Harper in the off season). 

This would Set up and Rotation of

1 Severino

2 DeGrom

3 Syndergaard 

4 Tanaka (once healthy)

5 CC for rest of year

With German moving to the pen. Our offense remains The same and we are now set.  

The Mets get back 3 Major league guys and 5 prospects to help rebuild the farm. It’s a win win for all involved. So come on Mets and Yanks let’s make a Deal!  

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Have a great weekend folks !! 


  1. James Palma...humorous post, but idiotic.
    Your trade offer to the Mets will have to start with Sanchez, and
    Betances, and Frazier, and Sheffield. Then add on the unknowns.....and you
    still may be way to short.

  2. Many names, but really just junk. Who are the "top" prospects? Frazier (even without his status), and an injured Florial. Drury would be an instant starter. But besides that it's filler names

    1.This package is too light to get even one of these players.
    2. Syndergaard has pitched like 50 innings in two years Thanks no thanks
    3.ny would implode over 1 pitcher trade. Nevermind trading both

  3. OK, my brothers...look at this trade rumor!
    The great...Nathan Eovaldi / The being scouted.
    Ex-Yankee Eovaldi, two times having the Tommy John procedure, has
    now moved up on the Yankees short list.
    Why not? He is far better than those sub-zeros being written
    about every day.
    Go for the revolver now!

    1. Almost threw a perfect game yesterday, had another one working in his debut. The arm is healthy, clearly. I agree.

    2. Oy Vey ?...Oh Boy ?....Whatever.
      The newly minted revolver is up on MLB' radar screens.
      The Yankees should run to a ATM, and bring home the
      best pitcher available.....The Eovaldi Revolver !

    3. Can we bring back Girardi please?

    4. Life does not have to be complicated.
      Inhale, and think what you have learned in life.

      This Yankee team needs a very good pitcher. Not some guy
      from 15 years ago. They need pitching.
      They do not need a infielder from Baltimore. Who will cost
      them young talented chips, and in the end..$300+ million.

      This Yankee team is good, but not good enough to win, unless they have better pitching.

      Exhale. I do believe the Yankees know who they are after.

    5. Kenneth...Hope all is well with you. Been awhile.

      Was in the west side of Manhattan last week. Your vibes are
      still going strong there. Oh yeah!...A older women named Alice
      stopped me, to ask about you. Who is Alice ?

    6. More like, she was one you let get away!
      Working on the house and grounds (sure could use you for my landscaping) 12 hour days and more.
      Digging (in Clay) and laying drainage pipes out to the lake is a lot of fun...hay, I lost 8lbs?!&%@#
      81 is the new 100, don't let them fool you...but, I am still kicking! LOL


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