Thursday, August 30, 2018

Double Duces Heading To Bronx! 

Andrew McCutchen looks to be heading to the Bombers. Joel Sherman reports that with Aaron Judge still not swinging a bat more than a month removed from fracturing his wrist, it appears the Yanks are quickly trying to work out a deal for the San Francisco Giants outfielder ahead of tomorrow’s playoff-eligibility deadline. I applauded this move, and the timing of it as well. Waiting to the 11th hour has made Cutch only about a 2.4 million dollar tax hit, thus being able to still finish under the 197 million dollar luxury tax. It appears Abiatal Avelino, who was pulled from his minor league start earlier in the night, is to be included in the package that will bring Andrew to the Bombers. The longtime Pirate and now Giant boasts a 115 wRC+ on the season. The Yankees as mentioned are close to the luxury tax threshold, so they could probably sweeten the deal with more prospects to lower the salary hit, thus getting the Giants to eat some of that money. Cutch would be such a great fit for this team. Seeing as Shane Robinson has played horribly, with a 27 wRC+ in the majors, Brett Gardner has been slowing down as the season goes on, and Mr. Stanton has played in 82 straight games. The Yankee seem to be not as desperate for reinforcements, being Sanchez, and Didi are on the mend. Red Thunder has also started a minor league rehab assignment. However the trade for McCutchen shows the Yankees still believe the World Series is a legit possibility. Let’s all hope like Justin Verlander last year for the Astros, Andrew is a major piece in the Yankees raising the Trophy come October. 

Let’s G⚾️ Yankees! 

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