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Fan Time Returns 

Hello there Fans today I sit down with my Friend and Men’s league Softball Teammate Matt Toglia of New Rochelle. Matt is a Left Fielder with an amazing glove, superb defense skills, a solid bat, and all around great knowledge for the game.  

Matt How are you Today ? 

Matt: Doing real well man ready for this Red Sox series!

That is awesome! Before we we get started any thing the Fans should know about you? 

Matt: I’m extremely passionate, love to travel, played ball my whole life and I live breathe, eat, sleep, and drink yankee baseball.

Jay: With that being said and the fans now knowing a little about yourself, let’s jump right into it with this weekends series. 

The Bombers play the Boston 4 games this weekend, how do you see this series going ? Specially with Chris Sale Out. 

Matt: Sale being out is big time and is a game changer. I believe the Yanks will rise to the occasion offensively and have some stellar pitching this series, hopefully Happ won’t miss his start Saturday. I got yanks taking 3/4.

Jay: I tend to agree I see the Yanks garbing 3 of the 4 if not taking all 4. 

How long have you been a Yankee Fan ?

Matt: For as long as I can remember, probably right when I came out the womb. Being a diehard Yankee fan is a lifestyle. You try and watch as many games as you can, you’re locked in during the season and you go through up’s and downs as a fan too, between the excruciating losses and the uplifting, dramatic wins. 

Jay: I’m right there with you. Myself I’ve been a fan since birth, and definitely can relate to gut wrenching loses and those huge uplifting wins. 

First Yankee memory you remember ??

Matt: hmmm.. probably just watching the 1996 world series 

Biggest Yankee memory you have?

Matt: Aaron Boone’s walk off home run. I was on the verge of falling asleep, my father was in the living room, while I was in my room watching the game. When Boone hit the home run we ran towards each other and hugged. Just a great father-son Yankee moment. 

Jay: Great moment indeed. My I was up late watching that game.  I think my dad passed out. Needless to say I woke up the whole house.  

Favorite all time Yankee and Why?

Matt: Bernie Williams is my all time favorite Yankee. I loved how he played the game with class, always hustled, came up in big spots and said all the right things in the media. He was a very likeable player, and ultimately he’s the main reason why I decided to start playing outfield in little league. I always tried to get #51 in little league for Bernie, he set a great example for fans. Sterlings home run call for Bernie was also a classic. 

Jay: Bernie Goes Boom! Burn Baby Burn!!! 

Do the Yankees win the division or Wild Card? Why? 

Matt: Truthfully I believe we win the wild card. While the Red Sox are smoking hot, I do feel like there will be some regression at some point. Even with a little slide they may go on, it will still be incredibly hard for the Yankees to make a comeback. They haven’t beat up on teams they should beat up on and that’s pretty alarming and could have cost them the division. However, still a lot of baseball left to be played and crazier things have happened so I also wouldn’t be surprised if my prediction is wrong.  

Jay: Personally I feel with a Sweep or 3/4 this weekend the Yanks will catch the Sox’s in the final series of the season. Love the dramatics!!! 

In your opinion what’s the Best trade deadline move the Yankees made ?  

Matt: I’d have to say Zach Britton. While you could make the case Happ was just as good because we did need to add a starter, adding another elite bullpen arm ( A lefty nonetheless) will only greater your chances of shortening games in the playoffs with a lead. It’s a luxury not many teams have. Other teams have very solid bullpens, The Yankees have an outstanding bullpen when all those guys are on their game. Britton could slide into pretty much any bullpen role and get outs and will be a huge factor down the stretch. 

Jay: Agreed. While Happ may be big the bullpen is now even stronger. 

How much does the Aaron Judge injury hurt us?  

Matt: Is it a devastating blow? I wouldn’t go as far to say that..but it most definitely hurts us. Arguably our most consistent player all around, and a leader in the clubhouse. Not having his presence on the field is a loss, that’s a big power bat in the number 2 spot. But hopefully once Frazier recovers from reoccurring migraines he can slide into one of the outfield spots and get consistent at bats finally. He’s had some tough luck, but I think we the internal depth the Yankees have we should make out okay in the upcoming weeks. Hope for a speedy recovery for Judgey. 

Jay: What was your initially reaction to the Giancarlo Stanton trade?  

Matt: Shocked. I honestly thought the whole Stanton trade talk was a pipe dream given the fact that I was thinking we would have to give up top prospects like Gleyber or Andujar at the time which would be ridiculous. Because in essence we didn’t really need Stanton. However, realizing the package the Yankees sent for Stanton, it pretty much fell into our laps and it’s a deal you make 10/10 times. So I was incredibly shocked by what we gave up, and I woke up on a Saturday morning ecstatic on a snowy day. I had followed everything on the internet the night before then woke up and heard the deal was about to be final. It was a day I’ll never forget that’s for sure.

Jay: Shock wouldn’t be mine. In a old post before this trade even happened or was thought of I predicted he would become a Yankee. So I was extremely more happy than normal after a trade.  

Who from next years free agent class do you sign ? Why ?  

Matt: If you asked me this question in 2016 I would of told you Harper no question. A LOT has changed since then, the emergence of Judge and the future of outfield seems to be pretty set. While you can’t completely rule Harper out, or Machado for that matter.. I do think we go after a top tier pitcher because we need one to compete in the playoffs. With the way teams are setup these days, you need 2 aces. Maybe someone like Keuchel, or Patrick Corbin who has stated he’s always wanted to be a Yankee. 

Jay: I am still after Bryce Harper!!!! Not just for the player he is, but the Marketing that will come along with Bryce Harper being a Yankee. Also thou I think management is in love with Manny Machado, so I wouldn’t rule that out either. However I don’t see Machado’s right handed bat fitting in unless we sign Bryce or another Lefty. Andújar has been solid in our line up and deserve to stay. I would love to see Corbin in pinstripes. (hint hint Cash)

What is your all time Yankee team using only players you have seen play ? (Tv or live) lineup and all.  Full 25 man roster.....players can’t play out of position.  

Matt: The 1998 Yankees. 

Jay: Lol Good One.  

True or False 

Sonny Gray deserves another start? FALSE


Stanton Hits 50 HRs?  False 

Judge still Hits 40 HRs? False 

The yanks break the record for team Home Runs?True 

Yankees have 4 players with more then 30 Home Runs? False 

Yankees Win the World Series?  False

Jay: 😰

Greg Bird hits 25 Home Runs? False

Sevy Wins CY Young? False

Brett Gardner is a Yankee next Year? False

Jay: Any Final thoughts on the Yankees this year or next ? 

Matt: It’s going to be a tough playoff run this year. There are some great teams that we will have to go up against, the Yankees are a great team and it’s hard to appreciate it at times because they were supposed to be this good. Expectations really change the narrative throughout the course of the season. Last year we were the little engine that could, playing with house money because everyone picked the Yankees winning no more than 84 games. They won 91 and came within 1 game of the World Series. You add Stanton in the offseason, pairing with a Judge and plenty other power bats, and to top it off you add a rookie manager..the stakes couldn’t be higher this year. Pressure is at an all time high to deliver a championship back to the city. The fans get spoiled at times, this is the best Yankee team we’ve seen in 20 years but since were still trailing the red sox in the division it’s hard to appreciate the excellence. What I do know is that the Yankees are setup to be a great team for a very long time. The scary part is, they will be even better in years to come. They keep rebuilding the pipeline in the farm by dipping into the International Market which has already paid off immensely for them. With guys like Sanchez, Andujar, and Severino. They are great at developing players so this team will be great for years to come and will make multiple runs at championships. 

Jay: That about wraps things up. Matt thank you for your time it has been a pleasure. 

Matt: no problem Thanks for having for me!

Jay: It has been my Plesusre. Your Welcome! 

Well Fans there you have it another Fan Time in the books, but don’t worry there is more to come. As always I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at JamesCPalma@Yahoo.Com or leave your comments below.  

Thank You! Let’s Go Yankees!!!! 

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