Monday, November 26, 2018

Comparing Jacoby Ellsbury to Robinson Cano

Yankees fans are at it again, and this time they are jumping up and down because news was reported that the Yankees and the Seattle Mariners supposedly discussed a trade involving second baseman Robinson Cano for Yankees outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury. First and foremost, the conversation could have went like this, see below, and reporters, who want nothing more than views and could give two shits about reporting actual news, could make this post with a clear conscience.

Seattle GM: Hey, what do you think about Jacoby Ellsbury for Robinson Cano?

Brian Cashman: Nope. *click*

Just for fun, because we are all bored, let’s take a look at comparing these two players and their contracts and see why Seattle would want this trade, and why the Yankees would want this trade.

The Yankees would rid themselves of Jacoby Ellsbury’s contract that includes two guaranteed years at $21,142,857 annually plus a third year of either $21 million (team option) or a $5 million buyout. That sounds great until you remember that Cano has five years left at $24 million annually. Ouch. Ellsbury is currently 35-years old and his current contract, assuming the team option is not triggered, would take him through his age 36-season and to 37-years old. Cano is 36-years old and would be under contract until he was (practically) 40-years old. This seems like the kind of contract and such that the Yankees are fighting so hard to get away from, so I am confused as to why anyone believes that New York would seriously consider this deal.

Yes, Cano plays second base, a position of need for the Yankees, but that contract would cripple the Yankees for years to come. Not as much as many teams, but still. Sure, he could play first base after Didi Gregorius comes back, but why? Cano isn’t a need, and he shouldn’t be a “want” either. He is fresh off a failed PED test, his attitude is lackluster and so is his hustle. He left for greener pastures, let him enjoy them in Seattle, or anywhere but here.

Brian Cashman isn’t going to take on that contract. Not unless Seattle takes on all of Ellsbury’s contract and around $43 million of the Cano contract (which would pay for the extra two years minus the $5 million buyout for Ellsbury so that, if necessary, Cano could be designated for assignment without financial burden). When Seattle is willing to do that, call me. Until then, this is just another rumor that will never come to fruition.

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