Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Is Happ Back? 

Alright so J.A. Happ is about to resign with the Yankees. Personally I do like this move. Happ was awesome for the Yankees down the stretch after they acquired him in a trade with the Blue Jays in late July. He went 7-0 with a 2.69 ERA in 11 regular-season starts, although he had a rocky postseason outing against the Red Sox, which happens to the best of them. Happ is a solid middle of the rotation stater, who could give you Ace like performances from time to time. Now I’m not saying this should be the last starter added as I don’t believe C.C. Should be counted on as anything more then a 6th starter. At the moment the Yanks will have a rotation of Sevi, Paxton, Tanaka, and the soon to be signed Happ.  

Leaving the staff short the Ace I believe me need. Whether it’s a trade for Kluber or maybe even Thor the Yankees need to add the Ace. However we can be very happy that Happ is back in the fold. Now Mr. Cashman go sign Manny , trade for the Ace we need, and sure up the Pen. 

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  1. I like the deal for Happ, I would had preferred Corbin but not at Corbin's price.
    We still need to sign DRob and extend Betances and sign a hitter to take Didi's place ( Machado)because I think he will only be able to DH next year.
    I personally would trade Hicks while he has value and add Harper or at least see what Frazier can do and move Gardy to CF this year.
    I am against trading Andujar even if we have Machado no guarantee Didi will sign with us after next year.
    I like Andujar better than Torres because Andujar dosen't strike out like Torres does and Torres seems to not do as well pressure wise when they move him up according to all the numbers but hey I am not the manager just a die hard fan.

    1. Torres is 2 years younger, and significantly better on the field. Andujar moves like a tree. Let's not forget, torres spent time on the DL and wasn't as good when he returned, understandably. And I do think he got too Homer hungry, which is my biggest knock on him.

      I don't think you can count on frazier, he's a loser and seems like he's too interested in playing ken and barbie with his girlfriend.

      I agree about moving hocks, but not for the sake of moving him. We can still add an OF, don't let "ellsbury gardner frazier" bs trick you. And hicks is our one true CF.

      I need to see this team accomplish more than last year. Until I see sanchez and severino fixed, someone besides judge actually swing the bat in the post season, and a starter decide to not eat shit, I'm not satisfied with "praxton and happ" addition.

  2. Didn't we have like ten hr against paxton in his 2 starts vs nyy? That doesn't exactly turn me on.


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