Wednesday, December 11, 2019

We Got Our Man!!!

Yank’s Agree with Cole!!! 9 Years 324 Million.  

More to come. 



  1. I think 9 years is to long.Should had been 7/260 million .
    He will be another broken down CC at 38 .
    We also should had kept Didi because I don't think Voit can stay healthy and Gio have a repeat on offense .
    We have OF needs if they are not going to use Frazier's bat . Andujar should have his 3B job back , though he is not the defender Beltre stunk it up when he came up and became the example of a 3B.Some of Andujar was positioning as pointed out by ARoid . No way should Betances pitch but NY , he is younger than Ottavino and go multiple innings in which Ottavino can not.
    Hope we did not shoot our whole FA budget on 1 player.

    1. Not paying Cole for his age 38 season. Give me 1 ring and I'm fine with it. Yes, a little head by price tag, but Yankees tix prices are insane, and they are in the process of landing a deal with Amazon... Translation... Bank.

      Good for them, getting the man they want.

      And as for didi, it's not didi or urshela. Didi's position is being taken over by torres, with dj taking over 2nd, with andujar, urshela, voit, Ford to fill out the corners. 4 players for 2 positions, add Estrada to the mix, we will be fine.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)