Monday, September 28, 2020

My 2020 IBWAA Awards Votes for AL and NL MVP

Good morning everyone and welcome back to the blog. With the regular season now over and with the 2020 MLB Postseason beginning tomorrow, Tuesday the 29th of September, we here at the IBWAA are scrambling to get our award ballots filled out and cast. Here is a preview of mine:

AL MVP: DJ LeMahieu (NYY)

I know many people may not agree with this decision, and I know that DJ probably will lose out on this award to either Jose Ramirez, Jose Abreu, or his teammate Luke Voit (who I voted for 2nd place begrudgingly because in my opinion he deserves the award as well), but I truly believe that DJ is the most VALUABLE player to his team on the list. The Yankees may not be in the postseason without LeMahieu at the top of their lineup, especially when the team faltered with injuries and lack of production. DJ has been a steady presence in the Yankees lineup and ,in my opinion, is the only reason the team is headed to October baseball. Voit held down the fort while many of the Yankees top guys were hurt, but the winning ways stopped, and returned, along with DJ. 

NL MVP: Freddie Freeman (ATL)

I am not sure there is even really a discussion to be had here. Freddie Freeman should, and will in my opinion, win the National League's Most Valuable Player Award, period. Juan Soto was interesting to talk about, and may have actually won the award had he not missed the beginning of the season with COVID-19, and Mookie Betts is right there in the discussion, but ultimately I just think that this is Freddie's year. I had Soto and Betts filling out the Top 3 and I had teammate Marcell Ozuna sixth overall. 

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