Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dave Dombrowski on Clubhouse Confidential

Warning: This isn't Yankee related, but I felt the need to write this...

I just watched a re-run of Clubhouse Confidential, where they had Dave Dombrowski (GM of the Tigers) on the phone. In the interview Dombrowski basically said that if it wasn't for Victor Martinez getting hurt, the team never would have looked into Prince Fielder.

So they thought the offense was good enough in 2012 before VMart got hurt (which I agree with), and they clearly had other ideas for the future (free agents, trades, etc.). So why sign Prince? He'll make the offense better than it would have been with Martinez, even though the team thought it was fine as is. That part is not a big deal to me, as there were no other players available that could do what Victor did for the team. But the part that has me baffled is that they obviously thought they were good in the future, and they will get VMart back in 2013, yet they went ahead and spent $191 million over the next 8 years anyway.

So either there is no logic coming out of the Tigers' organization, or there's something else going on that they're not telling us. My guess is that they figured they were covered for 2012 now, and they could make it work in the future. And I'm also guessing that they figure on trading some guys that they were going to count on in the future, as now they're not needed since the offense looks pretty good.

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