Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yankees Asking Package From Pittsburgh For AJ Burnett

According to roto world the New York Yankees are asking for Garret Jones in exchange for AJ Burnett. The deal has us paying a rumored $25 million of his $33 million owed currently on his 2 year deal. The Pirates, which I am sure most of you already know by now, are NOT on AJ's limited no trade clause. Here is the write up:

According to ESPN's Buster Olney, the Yankees want Garrett Jones from the Pirates in return for A.J. Burnett.
The Bucs are said to like the idea of bringing Burnett aboard, but Olney says they won't trade Jones to make it happen and thus there is "no traction" for a deal at this time. Jones, 30, posted a .243/.321/.433 slash line with 16 home runs and 58 RBI last season and is expected to start at first base for Pittsburgh in 2012. The Yankees seem doubtful to find a legitimate suitor for Burnett.

Garret Jones only has value to us, in my opinion, as a third basemen and not as a first basemen. Garret Jones would not be a huge upgrade over Jorge Vasquez who is currently rotting down in AAA Scranton. I am finding it harder and harder to believe that AJ Burnett is going to be traded before or during Spring Training. I think our best case scenario is to pitch him in the 5th spot, although I prefer Phil Hughes, and hopes that he has his stereotypical early success and dump him early. 

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