Friday, May 4, 2012

Mariano Rivera Vows To Return

Via the LoHud Yankees Blog...
I'll have more later, but Mariano Rivera just said he will absolutely pitch again. He's determined to not let his career end like this.
Here is a quote from the man himself...
"I'm coming back. Write it down in big letters. I'm not going out like this."
Just like that I feel better about things. The biggest reason I was so sad to see Rivera injured, and likely out for the rest of the season, was that he would be retiring after this season. Meaning that my last images of him might have been him writhing on the ground in agony after tearing his ACL and damaging his meniscus, and later in the night him fighting away tears as he spoke with reporters.

Those thoughts would eventually go away, and I would have only thought about the great images of Mariano Rivera, like this one taken after he broke the all-time saves record...

Or this one, taken after Rivera closed out the 1998 World Series...

Hearing that Rivera is going to work to return to the game gives me hope that pictures like those are not the last images of the greatest reliever of all time.

Now the team has to do it for Mo.

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