Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Remain Calm... All Is Well

I was taking a look at the team stats at ESPN.com and saw that while the Yankees have hit the most home runs in the American League, then are 5th in runs scored. I was ready to write about the fact that home runs are hits too, so people shouldn't worry so much about those "evil" home runs, as many of them would be hits anyway. But then I thought that would be a waste, because if you didn't already realize that then I don't know what else to say.

So I went to the 2012 Yankees' Baseball Reference page and was looking through the players stats, and decided to take a closer look. Here are some things I noticed...

  • In terms of line drive percentage, six of the eight Yankee regulars are above the AL average of 18%. One of the two men currently below average, Mark Teixeira, has had a LD% of 19, 19, and 17 the previous 3 years in New York. And the other, Russell Martin, is at 17%... the same he hit last year with the Pinstripers.
  • Four Yankee regulars are above the league average in strikeout percentage, while the other four are below league average. One of those players above league average in this category is Alex Rodriguez, who has been just below league average the previous 3 seasons with New York. And the 17% mark Russell Martin is currently at is his highest K% of his career.
  • When it comes to drawing walks the Yankees are pretty darn good. Other than the fact they've drawn the 3rd most in the AL, only two of the eight regular hitters are below league average. One of the men under that average, Derek Jeter, has been taking less walks the last few years. But outside of his horrendous 2011 Raul Ibanez, the other guy currently with a BB% below average, hasn't been under that 8.3% since 2004.
  • It's no surprise that the Yankees have quite a bit of "pop" in their lineup. But it's worth nothing that six of the eight Yankee regulars are above the league average in terms of isolated power (ISO). One of the two under that league average is no surprise... Derek Jeter, who hasn't been at the current league average of .154 since 2004. But the other is Alex Rodriguez, and his current .149 ISO is just a bit below his average ISO with the Yankees of .250, so... yeah... no worries there.
So while it's true the Yankees can credit much of their current 10-game winning streak to the starters and their 1.87 ERA during that run, it's not as if the Yankee offense is sputtering. So count me among those Yankee fans that aren't worried about when the Yankee starters come down to Earth.

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